Truthful Tuesday for 11/29/22: Magic!

A simple question for this edition of Truthful Tuesday:

Do You Believe In Magic?

Not quite as simple to answer, I guess…

There are things in this world that, even though they have a perfectly good, science-based explanation for why they happen, are still magic. Stick a kernel of corn in some dirt, water it and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight, and within a week or two it begins to sprout. Keep giving it water and sunlight, and by the end of the summer you might just have an ear or two of corn. There are perfectly good explanations, with roots in science, as to why it happens. And yet, there’s still something magical about that.

One summer, a black-and-yellow spider decided the front door (the part we rarely open) would be a great place to build a web. It was a real thing of beauty, absolutely perfect in its construction, perfectly suited to its purpose, to catch bugs for the spider to eat. One day, she was gone, leaving behind a small sac in which were developing spiders, who, very soon, would come to life and build webs of their own. Where do they learn how to do that? They just know. That’s magic.

We adopted a cat that we found running around outside. After she’d been with us a few days, we noticed Judy was pudging out a little. A trip to the vet told us that, we were right, she was with kittens. We had a box that we lined with towels and blankets, and when it was time she got into the box and had five kittens. We didn’t have to do anything: she knew just what she had to do, and did it. About four hours later I looked in on them. She was lying there with each kitten attached to a nipple and the most serene and proud look on her face. Look at what I did! It was magic.

There are thousands upon thousands of examples of things that just happen that are nevertheless magical. Science can explain why they happen, but watching the things happen is magical. True, it’s not the kind of magic they teach at Hogwarts…

But then, who’s to say that kind of magic isn’t possible?

Top Ten Tuesday: WCOS (1400 AM, Columbia SC), 11/29/77

WCOS is Columbia, South Carolina’s second radio station. They switched to Top 40 in 1958 by playing Sammy Kaye’s rendition of "I Wish I Were In Dixie" before changing formats. They switched away from Top 40 in 1980 and are currently a Fox Sports Radio affiliate. Here is their Top Ten from November 29, 1977.

  1. Carpenters, “Calling All Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft”
  2. Andy Gibb, “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water”
  3. Chicago, “Baby What A Big Surprise”
  4. Bay City Rollers, “The Way I Feel Tonight”
  5. Linda Ronstadt, “It’s So Easy”
  6. Barry Manilow, “Daybreak”
  7. Crystal Gayle, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”
  8. Fleetwood Mac, “You Make Loving Fun”
  9. Rita Coolidge, “We’re All Alone”
  10. The Bee Gees, “How Deep Is Your Love”

That’s Top Ten Tuesday for November 29, 2022.

Song of the Day: The Rascals, “A Beautiful Morning”

Happy 80th birthday to Felix Cavaliere, keyboardist and singer for the sunshine pop group The Rascals (formerly the Young Rascals). “A Beautiful Morning” was written by Felix and singer Eddie Brigati, and was the first single issued under the name “The Rascals.” It reached #3 in the US and #1 in Canada in 1968. It was #35 on the year-end Hot 100 in the US and #15 for the year in Canada.

Share Your World for 11/28/22

Di runs this. You know the drill…

Do you have any family traditions? Mary and I have pizza rolls for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Mom used to make Shrimp Creole on New Year’s Eve, and I think Pat has continued that one.

With December on its way, have you ever been carol singing? Back in my Music Ministry days, we would do the 9 PM Christmas Eve Mass, and start off with a half hour of Christmas songs (not necessarily carols). Other than that, no.

Ernie and Bert, my role models

Do you decorate your home for the Christmas holidays? No. The reason? Cats.

No further explanation should be necessary.

Do you enjoy the Christmas rush for preparations and shopping? We haven’t participated in the “Christmas rush” for many a year now. We don’t mind sitting back and watching from a safe distance, but as far as getting into it ourselves? Nnnnnnnope….

I’m grateful for Mary. The one thing in my adult life that I think I got totally right was marrying her.

MMMM: I’m Grateful (1962 Edition)

You know, we just did a playlist on “thankful,” and “thankful” and “grateful” are just about the same thing…. Two years ago, I did an acrostic on the phrase “I’m Grateful,” and I was going to just rerun that one and call it a day, but then I thought that I should really come up with a fresh one.

One of my favorite YouTube channels is the one run by The45Prof. He must have one of the most extensive collections of 45 rpm records in the known universe, and he really puts a lot of work into putting them all into playlists. He will take all the hits from a given year and builds several playlists, one chronological, one alphabetized by song title, and one alphabetized by artist. I chose 1962 as my year, and…. well, here’s an acrostic on “I’m grateful” using songs from 1962.

  • I Was Such A Fool – Connie Francis
  • Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, The – Gene Pitney
  • Good Luck Charm – Elvis Presley
  • Rinky Dink – Dave "Baby" Cortez
  • Alley Cat – Bent Fabric
  • Things We Did Last Summer, The – Shelley Fabares
  • Everybody Loves Me But You – Brenda Lee
  • Fortuneteller – Bobby Curtola
  • Up On The Roof – The Drifters
  • Let Me In – The Sensations

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for November 28, 2022.

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