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I’ve tried blogging twice before, besides the LiveJournal that I keep and that only a few people can see. Both times, I tried blogging about politics, and both times, I ended up deleting the blog, for three reasons:

  1. I discovered that I hate politics with a blinding passion;
  2. I discovered that I hate politicians with a burning passion. Okay, besides my cousin, and he’s not always a politician;
  3. I realized that there are so many other bloggers that did a much better job than I did. Most of my posts were me telling my readers (maybe it was “reader”) to go read someone else’s post, and that I thought that it expressed my feelings almost exactly, so I didn’t think that I could add anything else to the discussion. It finally hit me that there was no reason to do what I was doing, and besides, most of my readers (I’m pretty sure I mean “reader”) had already read that person’s blog, anyway.

So, then, why start blogging again?

Several reasons:

  1. Initiatives like the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, which starts in April, and A Round of Words in 80 Days, which is an ongoing challenge that happens four times a year, require that a participant have a blog to which the entries are posted. No blog, no play, and I want to play.
  2. I’ve been reading a lot of writers’ blogs over the last couple of months, and many of them suggest that, to be a serious writer, one must have a blog. At least, that’s what I take away from it. They also recommend presence on Facebook and Twitter. I have both, although the Facebook account is pretty much for friends and family. You can follow me on Twitter; either click the link above or look for @onehandtyping.
  3. I read this blog post this morning, and realized, “yeah, that’s me.” Without getting too deeply into it (for now, anyway), I realized that I’ve been running scared from success  my entire life. I’m not going to let the same thing happen with my writing. Starting a blog is my way of having a place where I have to account for what I’ve been doing.
  4. I’m also fearful of opening myself to criticism. I am a member of a writers’ group, of course, and submit my stories for critique on a regular basis, but I’m not good about giving others the opportunity to read my stories and give me feedback. It’s something I have to get over.

Of course, the inherent danger of writing daily in a blog is that it becomes the only writing that I do. So, I’m not going to promise a post every day. If you don’t hear from me, I’m too busy making magic happen.

5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi John~
    Stopping by from the A to Z challenge. Saw alot of myself in this post – we writers sure are a funny lot. Nice piece – looking forward to poking around your pages a bit.
    Happy Blogging!


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