#ROW80 Update: A good week!

One bit of good news: no cats have died this week. So you don’t have to put up with any memorials.

ROW80-wise, I had a good week.

  • I’m up to 66 straight days at 750 Words. I have written at least 750 words on that site every day this month.
  • I finished the entries for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, and all are scheduled. So that’s out of the way, and I can focus on writing stories.
  • The memoir that I wrote last Sunday and sent off to my writers’ group buddies got good critiques when we met on Friday. When I say “good critiques,” I mean that they found lots of things that needed fixing, and their list matched mine.
  • Contrary to what Chuck Wendig says about writers not getting back to stories that they say they’ll continue after they write another story (#3 on his list), I finished the first draft of the short story that I had started a couple of weeks ago. And, it’s crap. It’s one of those that I can let fester for a while before coming back to it. When that will be, I have no idea. I’m not sure that it was ever destined to be a real story (it came from a prompt in a book), and I’m suddenly loaded with ideas to try, so what’s there might be all that there will be.
  • Mary has noticed that I’m starting to look a little thinner. I’m happy about that. I’m still heavy enough that I have to weigh myself on two scales, a la Louie Anderson, but my clothes are fitting a little better. Shirts that felt a little tight are now feeling comfortable, and while Omar the Tentmaker doesn’t have to worry about me coming in for smaller clothes anytime soon, I’m shrinking into the ones I have.

You’ll notice that I left out a discussion of my reading. I’ll discuss that in another post. Watch this space for further developments.

7 thoughts on “#ROW80 Update: A good week!

  1. Wow! Sounds like a very productive week.

    I’m curious about your memoir, since I’m working on one, too. Did you finish a complete manuscript? I’m still plodding along on mine.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I dropped by from the Row80 linky list. Nice to meet you! 🙂



    1. Thanks for stopping in! Come back anytime.

      When completed, my “memoir” will be about 10-15 pages. I wasn’t sure if there was another name for it if it’s less than book length; if there is, that’s what I wrote.


  2. Baby steps. I’m stuck on the weight loss front, but I acknowledge it’s totally my fault. Need to be good and stop cheating. Every little bit helps and starts making us feel better 🙂


    1. I’m going by the way I feel and the way my clothes fit. The actual tonnage might not have gone down by that much, but drinking water and cutting portions seems to have made the difference.


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