Two for Tuesday: The Monkees

The Monkees. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, they were a band formed specifically to star on a TV show, most of their music was performed by studio musicians, blah blah blah.

The Monkees premiered on NBC in 1966. The show was a hit almost immediately. I, being a little jaded after The Beatles, was a little too cool for them, but there was nothing else on, so I watched.

My father went into the hospital and died in January, 1967. A few weeks later, Mom and the three of us went on a ski trip along with her cousins and several of her sisters. That weekend, we must have worn out the hotel jukebox’s copy of “I’m a Believer” and “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.” I was hooked. And they got better as they went along, as these two songs from the second season prove.

The show, and the band, lasted just two seasons. I probably shouldn’t say that; the reruns are probably playing on a cable channel, and the remaining members (Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz) are no doubt off doing oldies concerts.

4 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: The Monkees

  1. I did love that show when I was a girl. Davy Jones, sigh. So cute. And he could sing, at least enough to give him a solo career.

    Isn’t it Mike Nesmith who inherited part of his mother’s Liquid Paper fortune?


    1. Yes, Mike did inherit most of his mom’s fortune.

      I saw Davy Jones at an oldies concert a few (maybe 20) years ago, and most of what he did were Monkees songs. As I said, they were better than they had to be; I think they were chosen more for their comedic ability and their looks than their musical talent, but they did some amazing stuff.


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