Two for Tuesday: Paul Jackson Jr.

This man can flat out play the guitar. Enough said.

Paul Jackson Jr. has recorded seven albums on his own, is one of the musicians on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and is a busy session guitarist in L. A. The first tune, “Preview of Coming Attractions”, was the one that made me say, “I gotta check this guy out!” It’s from his 1993 album A River in the Desert, available, as is everything else, on Amazon. The second is a live version of “It’s a Shame,” written by Stevie Wonder and originally done by The Spinners. The quality is not all that good (I think it was recorded on a cellphone camera), but you can see just how much fun he had doing it. His solo, particularly the section from 2:15 to about 3:00, is one of my all-time favorites; he goes from single notes to octaves to full chords effortlessly. You can find the studio version on 2003’s Still Small Voice.