#ROW80 Round 3: Last Wednesday in July!

Here we are at the end of July, and so far, it’s been a good round.


– I started the rewrite of my Fast Draft novel last Saturday, and so far I have 3,566 words. Admittedly, not much, but I’ve spent a lot of time doing what I should have done upfront.

– Next week is the start of the August Camp NaNoWriMo. Still working on an idea for that. I will have one by the end of the week.

– I’ve kept up with my Tuesday and Thursday blogging. Which reminds me, I need to work on tomorrow’s.


– Continuing with my promise to actually read the books that I was assigned in high school, I’m halfway through J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. I’m remembering why I got about halfway through it and stopped. Nevertheless, I will fight through to the end.

– Fellow Fast Drafter Gene Lempp mentioned last week that he has been reading Writing Love: Screenwriting Tricks for Writers II by Alexandra Sokoloff. I thought the title sounded familiar, and went prowling through my Kindle. I found my copy among the books I swore that I would get to eventually. I’m getting to it now, and it is worth the read.

And that’s all from my end. Hope your round is going well, too.

6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3: Last Wednesday in July!

  1. Go John! Fast Draft is an amazing learning process. It really pushes you doesn’t it? So glad you’re giving it a try, no matter the outcome it’s a great project.

    Keep working on that Salinger! I love that book, but maybe you’d like Franny and Zooey better.


    1. What I learned through Fast Draft was that I’m really wasting my time if I try to “pants” my way through the first draft. My story ended up looking more like the outline that I should have written in the first place. Still, setting yourself to the task of writing twenty pages a day is a good discipline, and I’ve gotten some excellent advice from the Revision Hell notes that I’ve incorporated into the rewrite.

      I’ll have to look into Franny and Zooey; Holden Caufield is simply not holding my interest. I came to the same conclusion forty years ago, too…


    1. I gues it wouldn’t be much of a sin not to finish “Catcher in the Rye”. Most of the stuff I had to read wasn’t worth finishing. But do check out “Writing Love”.


  2. I have to wonder about forcing oneself to read a book all the way to the end, even if one loses interest. Noble, certainly, especially when the work in question is widely regarded as a classic.
    I think I do the same. Even if I’m not really enjoying a book, I can’t just give up on it. I often end up not reading much at all, as I don’t want to pick it up, but I don’t want to start something new either.


    1. Oh, I have no qualms whatsoever about dropping this book and picking up something else. In fact, it’s reminding me that nearly everything I read (or was supposed to read) in high school and college was dead boring. The only novel that I can remember enjoying was Deliverance. I’m going to give Salinger a chance to redeem himself and then put this aside.


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