Two for Tuesday: The Beatles

Back when I did this post, I listed the ten best-selling singles by The Beatles in Great Britain, and included the positions of those songs among their ten best-selling songs in the US. Two songs were on the US list that weren’t on the British list, the ones in today’s Two for Tuesday.

“Get Back” was #3 in the US; it was one of the songs from their last movie, Let It Be. It features the incomparable Billy Preston on the keyboards. Billy had become a “fifth Beatle” by this time, and had the band continued, no doubt he would have joined them. Of course, if that happened, it’s likely that we would never have had “Outa Space.”

“Yesterday” was #5 on the list. It’s possibly the most-covered song in history, with over 2,200 recordings of it. Performed by Paul McCartney on the acoustic guitar with a string quartet, it was recorded for the soundtrack of the movie Help!.

Your Two for Tuesday. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.