#ROW80 Round 3 Update for 8/22

All right, so here we go:


As of the end of yesterday, I have 12,710 words for Camp NaNo. The last thousand or fifteen hundred words have nothing to do with the first ten thousand. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version:

Ten years ago, I wrote a short story and published it to LiveJournal. A few of my friends thought that it was the first chapter of a novel and told me that they were looking forward to the next chapter. I told them that there wasn’t one, that it was a standalone story and there was nothing more. They insisted, so I thought that maybe it was worth a shot. So I tried, and I discovered that I had been right all along. Nevertheless, I kept all the pieces, and have used some of them in other stories.

Anyway, when I was planning the NaNo story for this time, I went back through my folder of failed attempts, found the pieces of the story, and thought that I might be able to resurrect it. In the spirit of NaNo, I started over again fresh, but with the same ideas and the same characters, and wrote an outline and everything. By Monday of this week, I had 10,557 words and again reached the conclusion that I should have stuck with the short version.

As I mentioned last week, Mary has been after me to write the stories of my childhood, most of which are very funny. So, I abandoned the novel that I had been writing and am now writing the stories of my childhood. (I kept what I had, though. You never know, it might come in handy.) I probably won’t have fifty thousand words by next Friday, but I’m having more fun with the new direction.


I got Brad Schreiber’s book, What are You Laughing At?: How to Write Funny Screenplays, Stories, and More, because I felt a need to refresh my humor-writing skills. I’m about a third of the way through it. I haven’t gotten back to Libby Hellmann’s book or the associated analysis; Robert Crais’ publisher put his most recent e-books on sale, and I hadn’t read Taken, so I got that one and have been reading it.


I’m still being my usual anti-social self, though I am visiting the blogs of other ROWers when they have updates and have been visiting Twitter a little more frequently. I have to limit the time I spend on Facebook, however. That has become a serious time-sink again.

So that’s the story this week. I’ll visit as many of the rest of you as I can.

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3 Update for 8/22

  1. The point of CampNaNo is to get you writing every day, so it’s great that you’re achieving that, even you have switched from one WIP to another halfway through. Keep up the good work and have a great week!


  2. Words of wisdom from Gloria Weber. If people are interested enough to talk about a story, then you’ve done your job as a writer.

    I appreciate your approach to NaNo and to writing; it is open and refreshing. As you say, your words are your stories/novels and only you give them life.

    Best to you and the rest of this round and with Camp NaNo.



  3. Write what you want to write (unless contractually obligated). And congrats on writing a great short story. I didn’t read it, yet I still call it great, why? Because people saw it continuing to live beyond your end. That means you made the story quite alive. I think situations like yours explain fanfic (though I’m lacking the words today to fully and properly express why).


    1. Thanks, Gloria. The story might need some cleanup (heck, I know it’s going to need cleanup), but I was happy with it as it was, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.


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