#ROW80 Round 3 update: Could be worse…

Well, let’s get right to it. It’s late, although still Wednesday, so I’m right on time. If I was in Hawai’i, the kids would just be getting out of school. And in honor of Hawai’i….


Ever get to the point where you’re sick of everything you’re writing? Yeah, that’s about where I’m at. My mistake has been that I’ve tried to revive lousy ideas and see if I can put lipstick on them. The ideas did not improve with age. That goes for the Fast Draft novel as well as the NaNo novel.

Has it been a total waste?

Hell no! I got a nice comment today from EM Castellan today, who pointed out that “[t]he point of CampNaNo is to get you writing every day.” To that end, both Fast Draft and CampNaNo have been a huge success.

I’ll probably get to about 20,000 words by the end of the week. As for September, I still plan on doing Revision Hell on the story I wrote for Fast Draft and continuing the repurposed NaNo Novel.

And I will have a Thursday Ten tomorrow.


Finished Robert Crais’ Taken today, and am about sixty percent through Schreiber’s What Are You Laughing At?. Back to Libby Hellmann’s book this weekend.


I realized several months ago that Facebook is a terrible time sink. As fun as it can be reminiscing with people I haven’t seen in forty years, it’s taking time away from writing. So, I made a deal with myself: I can spend time on Facebook only after an hour’s worth of writing.

Hope everyone else has been doing well. I have been going around and reading many of your updates; maybe this week I’ll actually comment.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3 update: Could be worse…

  1. Twitter’s the same way. So is checking your blog stats. And email is worse, with subscriptions bringing new blog posts that take me away from writing. So what am I doing now? Checking out ROW80 posts, of course!

    Good luck finishing up and editing. I feel the same way about NaNo – if I can produce that much writing each day, then doing half that on a regular basis should be doable, right?


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