Two For Tuesday: Tommy Emmanuel

I played the guitar on and off from the time I was eleven until my stroke six years ago. More often than not, the guitar won. So when I hear guitar players like Tommy Emmanuel, the subject of today’s Two For Tuesday, I can fully appreciate what they’re doing, because heaven knows I could never do it. I had never actually heard him play until I bought his album, 1993’s The Journey, and he just blew me away.

His fingerstyle playing was inspired primarily by Chet Atkins, who became Tommy’s mentor and biggest influence and who ultimately conferred on him the title “Certified Guitar Player.” Tommy had been performing professionally since the age of six; he and brother Phil were considered prodigies in their native Australia, and together with their brother and sister played in a family band formed by their father. When his father died in 1966, the family settled down, but by the 1970’s he was on his own, playing in several rock groups and doing session work before embarking on his solo career.

The first video here is his medley of Beatles songs, including “Here Comes The Sun,” “When I’m Sixty-Four,” “Day Tripper,” and “Lady Madonna,” performed live (where, I have no idea). The second is the title track from his 2004 album, Endless Road.

So, that’s your Two For Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Hope you enjoyed it.

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