ROW80 Round 4 2012: Could be better

This was not a great week. I think all of the pre-election hoopla got to me, and when the whole thing was over it was like, “well, NOW what?” Plus I had a not-so-good dental checkup. You know that nasty tool that they use to check your gums, the one that they poke in there and read a number that lets them judge how well you’re brushing and flossing? Some of my pockets were a six. And while my approach to oral hygiene is not all that good, the highest that I usually get is a four, around the tooth on which I had a root canal and is now crowned. So, I’m trying a new type of toothbrush, one that Mary says gives her great results, and redoubling my efforts. I’ve been through deep scaling once before, and trust me, it is no fun.

So, on to the update:

Writing: As of this morning, I have 8,598 words written toward the pseudo-NaNo novel, which is a net of 5,567 words for the week, or roughly 800 words a day. At this rate I’ll be sometime in late January. I pretty much gave up on trying to “win” by this past weekend. Nevertheless, I plan on plugging along with it for a while, since the most-recent short story is on hold.

Encourage other ROWers: After several weeks of lots of activity, this week was just a little overwhelming.

Spend half an hour three times a week on Twitter: Again, I found this a daunting task this week. I spent time on Twitter, just not very active time.

Read like a writer: Didn’t do a lot of reading this week. Again, spent much of my reading time being social and working on the story.

This should be a better week. How was yours?

7 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 4 2012: Could be better

  1. The politics has been distracting me, too. And I thought — and believed for months — that if I could just make it to the election, everyone would shut up about it all.

    But, nope… It’s as bad now, or worse than before. I considered blocking and defriending everyone who mentions anything political, but I don’t think I’d have many friends left then… So, I guess I just have to deal with it….


    1. Politics in this country has become as much of a spectator sport as football. I think the best any one of us can do is just let it go in one ear and out the other and hope that it doesn’t hit anything important on the way through.


  2. Dental stuff sucks. It is never fun. I hope the new toothbrush gives you better results next visit.

    Some weeks we just have a bad week. And even if it is bad in goals, it is often needed for our spirits. While the lack of progress may make us down, the break from it all freshens us. (At least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t bang my head against the keyboard). I hope this week goes better for you, John.


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