#ROW80, Round 1 2013: Will the circle be unbroken?

As of this morning, I’ve written my “morning pages” on the 750words.com website 322 days in a row. It’s little more than a daily word dump, but the important thing is that I write 750 words or more every day. I mentioned last week that I wanted to bring the freedom that I experience when I’m doing that to the writing I do for submission, and do that every day.

Last week, Hunter mentioned something that I should have realized, but didn’t: there’s an incentive to keep the chain going. In my old factory days, we had a sign near the time clocks that “this plant has gone ____ days without an accident.” It was an encouragement to do everything we could to keep that string going. I’m sure that Cal Ripken felt the same way when he was breaking Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games played record. He didn’t want to break the chain until he was ready, which he did after 2,632 games.

What I’m hoping to do, starting with this round of ROW80, is to start a couple of chains:

  • Write every day
  • Read every day

I’m going to start at thirty minutes: write for thirty, read for thirty, every day. I can go over, but I won’t go under. I’ve printed a couple of calendars from timeanddate.com to keep track of how many days in a row I can do each of these things. Seeing the progress is key to the exercise.

There’s a third objective for this round: to comment on two ROW80 blog posts a day. I wasn’t good about this last time.

So, those are my objectives: read for 30, write for 30, comment on 2.

Good luck, my fellow ROWers!

12 thoughts on “#ROW80, Round 1 2013: Will the circle be unbroken?

    1. I almost like the Kindle app for my phone better than the Kindle itself. It’s brighter and not quite as unwieldy (since I’m generally using just one hand). Hope your reading goes well!


  1. Good goals to have and hope you keep that chain going. I’ve been doing morning pages off and on for the past couple years and this year trying to do every day again. Love the idea of the calendar and printed one off to use. Glad to hear you are reading everyday. If you need some incentive come join my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. You don’t have to read a book a week, but at least you’ll have some company.


    1. For all the things that Julia Cameron talked about in The Artist’s Way, the one thing that seems to stick with people is the morning pages. It’s probably the one practice that people kerep doing long after the book is forgotten. I’ll check into your group; it sounds like something that might be helpful.


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