#ROW80 Round 1 2013: First check-in

Wednesday is my regular day for an update, so even though the round has just started, here is my progress so far:

  1. Write for half an hour a day: Accomplished this all three days so far. Wrote for close to an hour today, in fact.
  2. Read for half an hour a day: Managed this yesterday only. Mary picked up Simon Winchester’s The Alice Behind Wonderland, a short book (a hundred pages) about Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and just about everything else the man wrote. Evidently, Vladimir Nabokov referred to him as “Lewis Lewis Carroll Carroll,” no doubt comparing him to his Lolita‘s main character, Humbert Humbert. Unhealthy relationships with young girls aside, I’ve been a fan of Carroll since reading his A Tangled Tale during my math major days. An interesting study…
  3. Comment on two blogs a day: I’ve managed this on two days out of three so far.

The important goal here is writing every day, so I would say that I’ve found some early success. Hope everyone else is having as much success.

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 1 2013: First check-in

  1. A bit late for me to run in & say GOOD LUCK… but I’m going to do that anyway! Wednesday is my regular check-in day as well, regardless of whether we’re between Rounds or in smack-dab in the middle, so BRAVO on marching ahead with your normal course. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. I wish you well on your continuing journey! 🙂


  2. #1 is the most important, and sometimes the hardest. Hurray on your early success in that. Keep up the good work!


  3. It’s really fascinating when we get to know writers like Lewis Carroll. We may have preconceived ideas about some idealized life and career, and then we find something odd. As in his case… what exactly what his relationship with Alice?


    1. I don’t know that anyone really knows. Wikipedia listed several, including rumors that Carroll was a pedophile, but no actual proof that he was. He did seem interested in photographing young girls in various stages of undress, but evidently that was a Victorian thing. Allegedly the Liddels broke off their relations with him when he proposed marriage to an eleven-year-old Alice, but other sources say that he actually proposed to her fourteen-year-old sister Lorina, which sounds weird to us but was acceptable in those days. I think he might have developed an affection for Alice that bordered on the unacceptable, or more likely one that appeared to possibly be inappropriate. We really can’t know, I guess.


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