#ROW80 Round 2 2013: Uhhhhhhh…….

It helps if you imagine Lurch from “The Addams Family” saing the “uhhhhhhhh………..”

I’ve been sick since the weekend. As such, I haven’t worked on any of my objectives for this round. I’m starting to feel a little better (I’ve been faithfully taking my aspirin every four hours and Delsym every twelve) and hope to be back at a hundred percent by the end of the week. My priority will be getting the rest of the A to Z Challenge entries ready to go. If I finish next week’s entries by the end of this week, I’ll consider it a great success.

Hope everyone is feeling better than I am!

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 2 2013: Uhhhhhhh…….

  1. Get well soon! You are doing all the right things and have a plan. You may not be on the road you planned, but I’d say you’re on a good road. 🙂


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