Two for Tuesday: Steve Goodman

My A to Z Challenge topic is players from the White Sox, but today I’ll feature a Cubs fan.

Steve Goodman was just getting popular when he came to my high school in sophomore year, and made big fans of all of us. My friends and I tried to see him any time he came close enough to home to go. The concert I remember the best was at Amazingrace in Evanston, Illinois (which had moved to downtown Evanston from the Northwestern campus). The opening act was a an African American string band by the name of Martin, Bogan and Armstrong. When they finished their set, Steve came on stage and started his part of the show with our first selection, Fats Waller’s “It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie.” He went through all of the songs we all knew and loved: “The Lincoln Park Pirates,” “The Ballad of Penny Evans,” “You Never Even Call Me By My Name,” and others, then brought Martin, Bogan and Armstrong, mandolin virtuoso Jethro Burns (from the music/comedy act Homer & Jethro), and local autoharp and bandura musician Bryan Bowers (who played clarinet with the group that evening), who brought down the house with “Momma Don’t Allow It.”

Sadly, Steve died of leukemia in 1984, but recorded his album “Affordable Art” which was released before he died. On that album was our second selection, “A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request.” It combines Steve’s singing, guitar playing, and particularly his humor. This particular version was done in the left field bleachers of Wrigley Field.

Steve Goodman: Your Two for Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Steve Goodman

    1. He’s probably best known outside of Chicago as the person who wrote “City of New Orleans.”

      He recorded a few albums, actually. The list is here. There are lots of videos on YouTube as well. I might do a feature on him later in the week.


  1. Steve Goodman graduated from Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois in 1965, where he was a classmate of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


    1. I didn’t realize that. That’s the second time I’ve heard about a famous and a not-so-famous person having been classmates at Maine East. In the first case, it was Harrison Ford and Marshall Seese (from the Weather Channel; he used to doi weather in the mornings). My cousin represents that district in the Illinois State Senate. He’s the dark sheep of the family…


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