This ballgame is OVAH! An #atozchallenge retrospect


Man, this was fun. I want to thank Arlee Bird (who came up with the idea) and all of the people who dropped by this month as I took this stroll down Memory Lane, or down 35th Street in Chicago, whichever you prefer.

I should also recognize Wikipedia, the source for some of the little details on the players as well as their list of the White Sox All-Time Roster;, the source for all of the statistics as well as game logs and box scores (anytime I mentioned a specific date, such as the day Bill Voss ran headfirst into the left field wall or the day Gary Peters batted sixth, B-R’s information was critical); White Sox Interactive, which provided a lot of information on the Sox’ threatened move in the Sixties and Seventies; Richard Roeper, whose book Sox and the City, about the Sox from 1967 until the 2005 World Series Champions, gave me more background than I had; and the various sites that provided the images seen here.

There are far too many other people to thank. Start with the White Sox managers, coaches, and players from 1967 forward. Continue with the TV and radio announcers that brought the games to me, and the sportswriters for the Chicago newspapers (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago’s American (later Chicago Today), and Chicago Daily Defender) that reported on them. And let’s not forget my family, who were North Siders whose hearts were on the South Side, and who passed along the genes that allowed me to remember all this stuff…


This is my second year doing this, and it’s been fun both years. Now comes the hard part: coming up with a theme for next year.