Two for Tuesday: Michael Franks

Samba Blue

Rainy night in Tokyo

I love holiday weekends. The week doesn’t begin on Monday; it begins on Tuesday. I got up this morninbg and realized that I hadn’t done “Two For Tuesday” yet, and I panicked. No, not really, but I realized that I hadn’t thought about it. I was writing my morning 750 words and listening to‘s “Smooth Guitar” channel, and today’s first selection, “Samba Blue,” from Michael Franks’ most recent album, 2011’s Time Together, came on, and I had my answer.

Michael Franks has been around since I was in high school. His eponymous first album was released in 1973 (I graduated in 1974). Eighteen albums (and numerous collections, retrospectives, and “Best Of”s) and forty years later, his voice is still as warm and clear. I like how he can bring you somewhere with his voice, whether it be Paris or Tokyo (as in our second selection, “Rainy Night In Tokyo,” from 1983’s Passionfruit) or his deck, as he does in “Now That Summer’s Here,” the first selection off of his latest album.

Visit his website and you’ll notice he and his wife are animal lovers who support Hearts United for Animals and their local SPCA, both worthy charities (and, as an aside, if you’re thinking of letting a dog or cat into your heart, check your local shelters, where so many older animals are looking for someone to fall in love with them).

Enjoy Michael Franks, your Two for Tuesday, May 28, 2013.