#ROW80: Almost forgot!

Holiday weekends always manage to throw me off for a couple of weeks. For some reason I thought it was Thursday. I just realized that it was Wednesday and that I hadn’t done my summary for the past week. Oh well, better late than never.

I’ve been writing all the time lately, at least an hour a day. It might seem like a lot, but since I only have one usable hand that I can type with, I think I only get half as much accomplished. I have had this one theme going through my head for a couple of years now, and just recently came to the conclusion that it would make a good story. Problem is that it’s too big an idea to be a short story, but not big enough to be a full-length novel, so it’s looking like a collection of short stories. But, for purposes of this exercise, it’s gotten me writing and interested enough in the project to keep me writing.

As a result, nearly everything else has fallen by the wayside. I’m way backed up on the blogs that I read; I think I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number, and know that I need to cut back on them. There are about thirty that I read more or less religiously, and about a hundred fifty that I haev no idea why I’m following them. Feedly is wonderful: it lets the blog posts accumulate until I get around to reading them. Twitter is telling me on a regular basis that people are following me, and they’re not seeing much other than the messages that I have another blog post. I’m about halfway through a dozen or so books, which I’ll get back to once Mary gives me back my Kindle.

But for right now, the writing is keeping me going. My Round 3 goals are all going to be writing ones.

I hope to get around to some of your blogs and offer encouragement. Thanks for being an encouragement to me.