#ROW80: End of Round 2 and Round 3 objectives

So, as the second Round of Words in Eighty Days for 2013 comes to a close (tomorrow), I can say that I’m pretty satisfied. I set a couple of goals at the beginning of the round, and while I fell considerably short on the reading and social media ones I did better than I thought I would on the writing goal.

Let’s summarize:

  • Writing: I am now writing at least an hour a day, and I seem to have found a character, Blake, that has inspired a number of story ideas. Since he’s only fourteen, he’s dragging me down the path of writing Young Adult stories. Whether they’re romances or mysteries or comedies, I couldn’t say, but the more I think about it, why limit the stories to just one genre? I might find the answer to that as I go along, but for right now, I’m having fun with it.
  • Reading: I started the last round having regained control of my Kindle, only to have it retaken by the voracious reader in the house. I have the Kindle app on both my desktop and my netbook (as well as my phone) and may need to use it to finish reading the books that I started during the round. Not the best solution, because I tend to want to type when sitting at the computer, but I’ll manage somehow to finish them. There will be much rejoicing when I do, I’m certain.
  • Social Media: We had some pretty rough weather come through our area last week (tornadoes popped up not far from our house) and I used Twitter more then than I had most of the round. And I’m fine with that. As for responding to blogs, I’ve tried going with the Linky list and replying to those blogs ahead of me. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the ROW80 update in the ROW80 update posts. But at the very least I’m “liking” the updates when I read them, if there’s an option for that.

So I give myself a C for this past round.

I’m setting one objective for this coming round: To write four pages a day. That’s roughly a thousand words. I don’t plan on participating in any challenges or contests this time around. Just writing a lot.

See you next round!

7 thoughts on “#ROW80: End of Round 2 and Round 3 objectives

  1. You want to type when you’re near the computer? Please pass this bug onto me!! I draft on paper, so only editing is done on the computer, and it’s so hard to find the motivation for this, and not get distracted…


    1. Here’s a thought: try writing on the computer and editing offline. I have to do writing and revision on the computer, because my right hand doesn’t work since the stroke and I type everything with my left hand, but you can do either. Give it a try!


      1. Thanks John! Just need an intern, then, to enter all those paper edits into the electronic MS!
        Ah, who am I kidding? I just have to stop procrastinating! 🙂


  2. Oooh… *looks embarrassed* I bet I am one of those people who post updates that have too much “other stuff” on top of them. I do try to remember to add in a link to the lower part of the page (and I try to keep a consistent pattern of having the check-in at the bottom of the post, but…)

    Glad you take the time to read them. I’ve found that keeping tabs on the other things our fellow ROWers are up to is a great way to be inspired.

    That four pages a day for next ROWnd is a good baseline. But don’t refuse a challenge if you catch sight of one that inspires you. Even losing gives you something to draw on. It’s all about growth and experiences.


    1. I don’t have a problem with yours, because I know that I can find the update at or near the end if I don’t see it at the top. Sometimes, I’ll read a lengthy post that doesn’t seem to address ROW80 at all and I’ll wonder why the person linked to it in the Linky. All I can figure is that if I knew the person better I might be able to decipher the update.

      You know me by now: the Shiny shows up and I’m chasing it. I’m sure I’ll see a challenge at some point next round and decide to do it.


  3. Congrats on achieving your writing goal, John! =*D Was your social media goal about *not* using social media?
    I can relate to having a hard time finding the ROW80 update in some of the posts. Some of the ROW80 participants are active in a number of communities. I don’t know how they have time for it all, but it looks like they’re getting a lot of support, so that’s cool.


    1. I try to stay abreast of things on Facebook, because most of my family is there and it’s nice to see what they’re up to, but it can be the biggest time vampire if I’m not careful. Twitter can be the same way, which is why I generally only pay attention when we have bad weather in the area or I’m following comments that go along with a baseball game in progress. I’m trying to use it for more, but, honestly, there are times I really just want to pull all of it out by the roots and burn it.

      I notice the same thing about people who are very active on their blog and on Facebook and Twitter, and seem to be doing a hundred and one other things and taking care of a spouse and/or one or more kids. I honestly wonder where they find the time to write…


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