Two for Tuesday: Melody Gardot

I heard this young woman yesterday on’s Smooth Jazz 24/7 channel and was just blown away, and wanted to share her with you today. Melody Gardot grew up in Philadelphia and started taking piano lessons when she was nine. By sixteen she was playing in local clubs, though she didn’t think of herself as a musician. At nineteen, she was hit by a car and found it difficult to listen to popular music, so people started giving her records of music that she could listen to, one of which was Stan Getz’s The Bossa Nova Years. Music became a big part of her therapy, and soon it became not just an aid to recovery but a form of self-expression.

She says, “In my eyes, there’s two kinds of music. There’s the kind that rushes out at you, and the kind that settles in and lets you come to it. I prefer the latter of the two. I like the idea of hearing music in the distance; you’re drawn to it and you want to know what it is. To me, that’s beautiful, that’s the essence of listening to music: discovering it, exploring it and finding those little spaces. To have it thrown out at you almost cheapens it.” These two selections, from her second album, My One And Only Thrill, are perfect examples of music that settles in and lets you come to it. The first is “Baby I’m a Fool,” performed live, and the second is “If the Stars Were Mine.” You can see more and hear more of her music on her webpage and her YouTube page, and her music is available on

Enjoy the lovely Melody Gardot, your Two For Tuesday, July 2, 2013.