#ROW80: Busy, busy, busy

I almost forgot how much fun being out of work can be. Not to say that it is, because it isn’t. I’m trying to apply for disability and finding that having worked steadily since my stroke six-plus years ago does not make a strong case for it.

Well, I have my words, anyway, and now I have plenty of time to brainstorm story ideas. There might even be time to try some new things, such as teaching myself to write left-handed. I understand doing things like that are good for the brain, especially when you get into your late fifties, and in my case, being able to use a pen and paper would be an utter boon. It might be a good idea to clean this place up a little, too; my office looks as though it was decorated by The Royal Society For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things.

(In case you’ve never seen the sketch. Complete with Portuguese subtitles.)

And, I’ve rediscovered Scrivener, for which I paid good money a while back and have never actually used. All of the training material I have for the software (including Scrivener For Dummies) goes into grand detail about the bells and whistles before it presents anything useful, like how do you actually use the thing? For those of you who are familiar with The Big Bang Theory, it’s like Sheldon trying to teach Penny “a little physics” so that she wouldn’t feel stupid talking to Leonard.

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Big Bang Theory.)

Thanks to YouTube (in particular katytastic, whose video on outlining with Scrivener has a disclaimer that she uses Scrivener her own way and doesn’t know much about it), I no longer feel overwhelmed by the software.

Anyway, I have lots of time to learn these and other fascinating things.

And, I’ve been able to maintain my goal of writing a thousand words every day, despite it all. So, mission accomplished for this week!

Hope your week has gone as well for you.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80: Busy, busy, busy

  1. I’ve just started using Scrivener too. I ignored the 30 minute interactive tutorial, and just watched the 10 minute video on what it does. That’s taught me pretty much all I feel I need to know. But overall, I think it is awesome. Good luck getting back into it.


    1. It looks awesome, and knowing that it works for more than just writing novels makes it a very valuable piece of software. This week I think I’ll make up an excuse to use it.


  2. Yeah, I really dislike reading instruction manuals. I have to actually use something for a while before I can read about it. Otherwise, it just kinda goes in one ear and out the other. Cute video clips!

    Here’s to all your progress and see you next week! (I’m belatedly joining the Row80 party this round.)

    ~Tui, @mentalmosaic


    1. Yes, I decided to spruce up these checkins with videos. Glad you enjoyed them

      I checked today, I have several Scrivener training manuals, plus the interactive tutorial that they supply, but the most helpful thing that I found was the video from Katy. Honestly, sometimes people who write training material sometimes are more concerned with documenting every bell, whistle, menu, and toolbar icon than they are with “Here’s what you can do with it without me teaching you anything.” As one of those people who wrote training materials and was sometimes guilty of this, I know how easy it is to do; it’s like starting an Excel course with pivot tables sometimes.


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