Two for Tuesday: Seatrain

You might remember from a couple of weeks ago that The Blues Project had virtually disbanded after the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. The only two original members were Andy Kulberg and Roy Blumenfeld, and Verve Records was demanding one last Blues Project album. 1968’s Planned Obsolescence featured, in addition to Kulberg and Blumenfeld, guitarist John Gregory, violinist Richard Greene, saxophonist Don Kretmar, and lyricist Jim Roberts. Having completed the contract with Verve, they renamed the band Seatrain. They released the album Sea Train in 1969. By the time the released their eponymous second album in 1970, Blumenfeld and Gregory had been replaced by Larry Atamanuik and Peter Rowan, respectively, and the band added Lloyd Baskin on keyboards. Seatrain’s one hit record, “13 Questions,” reached #49 on the Billboard Hot 100. Legendary record producer George Martin produced that album and 1971’s The Marblehead Messenger, after the band relocated from Marin County to Marblehead, Massachusetts. After that, Peter Walsh replaced Rowan, Bill Elliot replaced Lloyd Baskin, Julio Coronado replaced Atamanuik, and Richard Greene departed. This group recorded 1973’s Watch (which featured Kulberg’s “Flute Thing”) before disbanding.

Our first selection is Seatrain’s one and only hit, “13 Questions.”

The second is the title track from their first album, “Sea Train.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed the music of Seatrain, your Two For Tuesday, August 20, 2013.