New Theme and Random Thoughts

I can hear you all the way from Georgia: “WHAT??? John’s posting on a THURSDAY! What could be wrong with him?”

First of all: I’m using a new theme on the blog. What do you think? I like it because it’s cleaner and the font is nicer. I’ve also repurposed the blog: while sometimes I feature my thoughts on writing, I haven’t for a while, and I talk about a lot more than just writing here. Thus the new general-purpose name. My Round of Words in 80 Days updates will stay here, Two for Tuesday’s not going anywhere, the Ultimate Blog Challenge posts will start here on October 1, and I’m even planning some new features to start… sometime.

Image courtesy the Library of Congress

Second: Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the attempted attack that was foiled by the passengers over Pennsylvania. This Sunday is my cousin Genny’s 12th wedding anniversary. That’s a much happier memory for me. Mary and I had been scheduled to fly to Chicago that Friday, and when they stopped all air travel in the US on 9/11, we didn’t think we would make it. We learned at 4 AM on Friday that our flight was a go, and made it to Chicago. Almost everyone that was supposed to be there from out of town made it. In fact, one of my cousins had been traveling in Europe with a friend and got stuck in Chicago, so they both came. What had happened that Tuesday made that Saturday even more joyful.


Third: Why does this picture bother me so much? And does the fact that it bothers me so much mean that I’ve crossed over from being in my mid-50’s to being in my late-50’s? There was a time when having a bunch of ingredients to make food was the same as having food.

You’re right: I am getting old.

Finally: this is the 250th post on this blog. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “New Theme and Random Thoughts

    1. Exactly. Like I said, back in the day, if you had ingredients, you had food. You just had to put a little effort behind it. It’s that way with so many things anymore.


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