#ROW80: Goals For Round 4

I had pretty much decided on my goals last week, but then Kait Nolan came along and gave me another idea. She said, and I quote:

I’ve grown and learned as a writer because I have practiced my craft with deliberation [her emphasis] … So if you weren’t born with a natural silver tongue? Guess what? You put in enough deliberate practice and you can learn it. In the end, deliberate practice will ultimately outstrip natural aptitude [emphasis mine].

Where I’d like to put my deliberate effort this quarter is in generating ideas. To that end, my first goal is to generate fifty (50) new ideas for blog posts or stories every week. Sounds like a lot, but it’s just ten a day, Monday thru Friday. Or 7 1/7 Monday thru Sunday.

I have other goals, too:

My second goal is to complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month and NaNoWriMo next month. I’m a couple of days behind on the former and in the planning stages on the latter.

My third goal is to read at least a half hour every day. I haven’t been reading at all lately.

Fourth, I’d like to build a website with samples of my work, demonstrating my abilities in HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, Perl, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. So the fourth goal is to build sample applications demonstrating my ability in web programming. The website comes next round.

The fifth goal is to join FlexJobs.com and find telecommuting work. I’ve been trying to find telecommuting jobs thru the standard channels (Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.) and haven’t had a lot of luck. I get calls from recruiters in the Atlanta area who want to place me until they hear that I have to work from home 100% of the time. Several people have recommended FlexJobs, and it looks like they have a good handle on work-from-home opportunities. If you’ve gotten jobs thru FlexJobs in the past or are working with them currently, please leave me a comment with your assessment. If you’ve worked with other companies to find remote work, please leave me a comment as well. I’d really appreciate your help.

I’ll be doing my updates on Sunday this round, so I’ll see you then. Until then, straight ahead.

10 thoughts on “#ROW80: Goals For Round 4

  1. Excellent goals! I should adopt that idea generating one. All the best for the Round, your blog challenge, and NaNo! You have a busy few months ahead but you have a sound plan.


  2. Most of the time, I feel like I’m drowning in ideas … What I want to generate is time to write them all! *g*

    Good luck on your goals this round. 🙂


    1. It’s already paying off. I haven’t gotten up to ten a day yet, but again, that’s a goal that I feel confident that I can reach by the end of December. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Your idea of a website sounds great. I have a Mac, a PC, and an iPad. Ed has an android phone and tablet. Let us know when you have some testing to be done. I have several clients who only expect to see me once every other month. Would you be able to do that for local companies? Also, several of my contacts have happened over some tech email lists — groups of local maker/programming/tech groups. Don’t forget to search for those as well. Sorry if I am giving you too much advice, but I want success for you!


    1. No, I appreciate the advice and the offers to help. The idea behind it is to work with local companies (i.e. companies that I could reach thru the Internet) and set up their sites, as well as to do some freelance work with it. There also seems to be a market for setting up authors’ websites, or at least help with setting them up, and Mary has some knitting friends that want to sell their patterns online. I’ve learned what can be taught thru classes; now I need the practical side beyond what I’ve already done.


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