#ROW80: Post-Olympic Edition

If you’re like me, you were busy watching the Olympics this week and didn’t get much of anything else done. Thing is, I don’t think many of you are like me. Mea maxima culpa. Here’s the update:

  • Write 30 minutes a day: I didn’t do any writing at all this week. I reached an impasse with the stories I had been working on, so I gave them a week to fester lay fallow. I expect great things from myself this week.

  • Read 30 minutes a day: I did get some reading done, via the Kindle app. Not 30 minutes a day, but maybe an hour total.

  • Decrapulate office: Cleaned up the computer table, stacking the printer paper that had accumulated at the end of the table into a neat little pile so the generator of said paper can go through it and either throw it away or put it somewhere besides the end of the table where the printer is. I also embarked on a project to clean up my Springpad stuff. (For those unfamiliar with Springpad, it’s like Evernote. I’ve never liked Evernote, and so far have only found one thing that it does that Springpd doesn’t.) More than half of the bookmarks I’ve accumulated are not in notebooks; of those, many are links to things that I found on Twitter and emailed to Springpad to read later, and have now forgotten why. In short, I accumulated a lot of crapola out there and now have to find a place for it or throw it away.

So, that’s the update for this week. Until next week, straight ahead.