#ROW80: 1Q14 Wrap-up

Click on the picture to link to the website!
Click on the picture to link to the website!

Cutting it quite close to the deadline, ain’t I?

This round was par for the course, so I give it a C.

  • Write 30 minutes a day: The one area where I think I did particularly well. My goals for next quarter in this area will be more rigorous.
  • Read 30 minutes a day: Did pretty well toward the end of the round, mostly because I put more effort into it. This will likely be a goal again next round.
  • Decrapulate office: Taught everyone a new word. I found it in the Urban Dictionary, so I don’t think I can take credit for inventing it, but I can certainly take credit for popularizing it. As for any actual decrapulation, the office is looking a little better, but as I explained the other day, moving stuff off of my comfy chair involves moving other junk out of other locations, and, well, not so much. This pulled my average down.

Round 2 of 2014 starts April 7, and guess who’s a sponsor for it?

This guy!
This guy!

I’ll probably continue to do my updates on Sunday, because April is the annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge and Sundays are a day off. See you then.

3 thoughts on “#ROW80: 1Q14 Wrap-up

  1. Read 30 minutes a day. Write 30 minutes a day. You know what? That’s doable. I want to do more of both but sometimes it all seems overwhelming – even decrapulating my office space. Sigh..

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re taking part in the A to Z Challenge! My name is Cathy Olliffe-Webster and I’m one of Alex J. Cavanaugh’s minions for the event. Just dropping by to say hi and making sure you’re still in on the fun! (I feel like one of Santa’s birds.) Best of luck in the month ahead. ox


    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for stopping by!

      The last several rounds of ROW80, I’ve taken it easy on myself. I figure, if I can read a half hour every day, and write half an hour a day, and deal with the mess that is my office, that’s plenty. This time, I might pile it on a little more, knowing that I won’t finish all of it, but pushing myself a little more. We’ll see how well I do…


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