Got any Grapes? (#atozchallenge)

Here’s a stupid joke that people that took my classes used to love:


A duck walks into a convenience store and says, “Got any grapes?”

The store manager says, “No, we don’t sell fresh fruit here.”

The duck leaves. He’s back in half an hour, and asks the guy, “Got any grapes?”

“I told you, we don’t sell fresh fruit here,” the manager says.

Duck leaves the store. Back again in half an hour. “Got any grapes?”

The store manager loses his temper, grabs the duck by the neck, and screams, “LOOK! FOR THE LAST TIME, WE DON’T SELL GRAPES! If you come back here and ask me again, I’ll nail you feet to the floor!”

The duck runs out of the store. An hour and a half later, the duck walks in the door. “Got any nails?”

“No, we don’t sell nails here.”



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  1. I love it! Thanks John!
    A to z Challenge


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