High School (#atozchallenge)

I got my invitation to my 40th high school reunion a couple of weeks ago. I’m still in shock.

My old high school, New Trier West, Northfield, IL (source: Google)
My old high school, New Trier West, Northfield, IL (source: Google). If you’ve seen the movie Uncle Buck, you’ve seen it.

I mean, when did this happen? It’s as though I was in high school one day, I wake up the next day and I’m forty years older, 200 pounds heavier, and my hair is gray!

My graduation picture. I look like I should be sitting on Paul Winchell's lap
My graduation picture. I look like I should be sitting on Paul Winchell’s lap

I haven’t been to a reunion yet, and I won’t be going to this one, either. This time, I can blame it on my disability. The other times, I just didn’t care. I was one of those kids that didn’t fit comfortably into any of the classifications at the time:

  • The jocks, the kids who were heavily into sports, either interschool or intramural.
  • The stoners, the kids who were always on something.
  • The artsy kids, the ones involved in theater, band, chorus, or art classes. Might include debate here.
  • The brains, the kids who were AP and honors everything and who usually graduated with a year’s worth of college credit.
  • The activists, the kids who were involved in things like going to help kids in inner-city schools or protesting the Mystik Tape plant across the street from school.
  • The wealthy kids, the ones who got a car when they turned sixteen, wrecked it, and got another one.

Not that I wasn’t friendly with my classmates; I just usually kept to myself. I really didn’t get socially active until I got to college.

So, what about you? Was high school (or your equivalent) the greatest time of your life, or four years of your life you’ll never get back?

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  1. High school was fun, though I wouldn’t call it the greatest time of my life. I didn’t do much learning, did way too much writing, distanced myself from some people and made a few life long friends. I remember it fondly,but it’s not something I would want to repeat. There are bigger adventures in front of me now.


    1. There were the people who hated high school then and don’t think it was so bad now, and people who just loved it then who look back now and say, “Enh.” I’ve found that the older I get, the better I think of it…


  2. I actually liked high school, but it wasn’t the best time of my life. I did go to my 40th College reunion. I didn’t have the best time in college, but I made new friends and had to my amazement a good time. Enjoying your blog as a visitor from #atoz.


  3. High school was not that bad–but maybe I’m blocking out all the horrible stuff.

    But really, I didn’t fit into any category either. I had my close friends but we were a mix. Some athletic, some artsy. And I got along with pretty much anyone.

    I went to both my 10th and 20th, which was 2 years ago. I had a fun time at both, but the 20th was more interesting because of Facebook and social media in general. I’m not a Facebook addict, but I like it because it’s so nice to see what others (those people who you liked in high school but didn’t stay in touch with) are doing. At the 20 yr reunion, I went in knowing the generals of a lot of people Married or kids. Or where they lived.

    So I am looking forward to our 30th.


    1. No doubt a lot of my opinions of high school have to do with transferring in my sophomore year. I’m pretty sure that if I had started with everyone else, my experience would have been different. I went from a Catholic all-boys high school in the city to a public co-ed one in the suburbs, and it was more than a slight adjustment.


  4. I remember thinking if this is the best years of my lives, I might as well die now! High school was not my favourite time of life and I have no desire to ever go to a union. (even 20 years later!)


    1. It wasn’t exactly the best time of my life, and now they want me to go back and reminisce about them? High school was more like four years wasted that I’ll never get back.


  5. Heh–I just realized by 20th is coming up on me like a bullet train. When did that happen? HOW did it happen?! *puzzled*


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