Two for Tuesday: Stan Freberg

Stan Freberg has worn many hats: comedian, satirist, radio personality, adman, author, puppeteer, voiceover artist, and Lord knows what else. Shortly after graduating from Alhambra High School in 1944, he got on a bus and told the driver to let him off “in Hollywood.” The driver let him off in front of Warner Brothers Studio. Soon Stan was doing voices for Warner Brothers cartoons. He made his first records for Capitol in 1951. Today, at 88, he’s still active, and his records are classics. Again, there’s a ton more of his material on YouTube, but I picked a couple of my favorites.

Our first selection features Stan as a radio singer and Daws Butler as a network censor. Here’s “Elderly Man River”…

Our second selection is “Banana Boat Song.” It features Stan trying to make a calypso record while dealing with a fussy bongo player, played by Peter Leeds.

Stan Freberg, your Two for Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

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