The Thursday Ten: Some of my favorite sketches from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”

Julie Glover had a blog post the other day about binge-watching, the practice of sitting in front of the television for an extended period to watch a single TV show. Some of the cable networks, notably USA and TNT, make it possible to do this with many of their shows, e.g. NCIS, Castle, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, etc. More frequently, people will have all of the programs from a season of a show on DVD, or they will be available On Demand or through iTunes.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus is one of my all-time favorite shows. I have all of the programs from the original series on DVD, and occasionally need to sit down and watch all of them in one or two sittings. We’ve done it on a few occasions, in fact. So many of their sketches are classics, such as The Lumberjack Sketch, The Dead Parrot Sketch, The Cheese Shop, and The World’s Funniest Joke. But every fan of the show has their own personal favorites, and I’m no exception.

Which leads us to today’s topic, Ten Favorite Sketches From Monty Python (in no particular order):

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson: Mr. Jackson, who recently composed a major piece of music, has been invited to appear on a TV show to discuss that piece of music, but the interviewer seems to have his own agenda.

Hell’s Grannies: An investigative report that studies the latest social problem: Elderly women gone wild.

Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things: We see the last meeting of this august organization.

“Book of the Month Club” Dung: Michael Palin is hosting a dinner party when the premium he receives for joining the Book-of-the-Month Club arrives.

The Visitors: Graham Chapman and Carol Cleveland are all set to have a romantic evening, and naturally that changes quickly when an uninvited guest arrives and brings some friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Git: Graham Chapman, ever the good host, introduces two of his neighbors.

Hungarian Phrasebook: Mayhem ensues when a Hungarian-English phrasebook with a few errors in it makes it to market.

Australian Hunters: The Spim Brothers hunt for mosquitoes. This particular sketch had my uncle in stitches. There is another sketch by The Whitest Kids U Know.

Confuse A Cat: It’s important to make sure your cat is confused from time to time.

Beethoven’s Mynah Bird: Beethoven, who has by now lost his hearing, tries to compose the Fifth Symphony amid constant interruptions from his wife, a sarcastic mynah bird, and a rat problem. This is our favorite Monty Python sketch…

And there’s your Thursday Ten for June 19, 2014.