Year of Ideas: You ain’t got time to think (#blogboost)


I promised one of these Year of Ideas posts every other week. I’ve been holding to more of a “every other month” schedule. Oh well.

Posting to a blog every day, whether doing it for a month as I’m doing for the Ultimate Blog Challenge or for the entire round of ROW80 (and beyond) might be the single biggest boost to my creativity and idea generation that I’ve come across. It doesn’t allow for me to mull over an idea for more than a few minutes, it forces me to think ahead to next week (or next month or next year), and I’m not rejecting ideas as quickly as I had been doing.

Does that mean that I’m just going to be coming up with any old crap that I can think of and posting it here? I certainly hope not. Katie (a/k/a “The Wellness Mama”) had an article yesterday at Copyblogger that has given me insight into how someone who does this for a living comes up with content every day. This is the process she uses:

  1. Create a writing environment.
  2. Schedule writing time.
  3. Have a framework.
  4. Outline for two minutes.
  5. Write 200 words.
  6. Refine.
  7. Optimize.

I do some of these (I have themes for Tuesday and Thursday) and have had some success with the blog (hey, you’re reading, right?); I just wonder how much more success I could enjoy if I followed all of these, at least for a while, until I refine this process for the unique way I work.

Stay tuned…

One thought on “Year of Ideas: You ain’t got time to think (#blogboost)

  1. I love this! I definitely feel more creatively energetic when I’m involved in any challenge that has me extending myself on a daily basis. I’ve had something major every month since April (where, like a madwoman, I completed two intensive challenges!).

    Next month, I plan to take a slower pace, and work on revisions and plotting for a couple of months before another two months of challenges.

    Blogging every day all year…maybe if I were a bit less wordy, or if the kids were a bit older.

    But I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow with this challenge!

    By the way, your new layout is quite impressive.


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