#ROW80: Another good week

Click to visit the challenge!
Click to visit the challenge!

It was another good week at this end. To summarize:

So, that’s the story here. I’ll be around to check in with y’all next. Straight ahead!

3 thoughts on “#ROW80: Another good week

  1. Good weeks are good! Keep it up. I’d be curious to some of your thoughts on Evernote, if you haven’t posted those yet and I missed them. I still use good old fashioned pens and paper for most of my writing, so I don’t think I’d ever get on board with programs like it, but I am intrigued by them.


  2. I’ve tried Scriviner twice now and lost a big chunk of words. I looked at your EverNote link (looks interesting), but I’m stuck on Word and not that mobile appy. Thanks for that link to Jim Croce, an unforgettable voice! Glad you had a good week. It’s Monday! Go for another great week!


  3. Good job, John!

    I love that video “Word Crimes”. I laughed so hard!

    What I like about Evernote is that I have a friend who has a story toolkit, and she shared it with me there. It was awesome!


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