A trip down Memory Lane, thanks to Google Maps

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

In the late 1950’s we moved to Indianapolis because Dad was promoted to Branch Manager for Continental Casualty Company (now known as CNA). We lived in a duplex on the east side (down the street from Kroger, which I have verified is still there), sharing the building with a nice couple who were the landlords. It’s the first place we lived that I remember really well.

One of the things I remember was that there were stairs leading from the dining room to the second floor. The bathroom was right in front of you, and to its left was my room. It was a cool room: there were two windows and a door that led out to a porch where we used to sit. The other day, I was goofing around with Google Maps, found the house, and managed to navigate to the alley in back, where I could see what had been my room. And, thanks to screenshots and cut-and-paste, you can see it, too.

The first time I traveled to Indianapolis on business (this was 30 years ago), I looked up some old neighbors. I had the wrong name of the street, but found them, and when I drove down the block, I found our old house. I stopped at the neighbors’ house, and once I introduced myself (it had been 25 years since seeing them), it was like old home week. She had kept up with everyone and told me where all the kids I used to play with lived and what they were doing. I didn’t realize she had kept up with my mother all those years, and knew that Dad died and Mom had remarried and had another son. And here I thought I was bringing big news…

Have you ever used Google Maps to get a look at places that you used to live, or other landmarks that you remember?

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  1. I’ve looked up all the places I used to live on Google Maps. It’s a fun memory jogger. I’ve also looked up where people I know live just to get some idea about where they are now.

    Another interesting site is Zillow where you can look up facts about houses including value. Kind of snoopy I know.

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    1. I think I tried Zillow for this address and learned that it’s no longer considered a duplex. My mother did a lot of price comparisons when she was looking for the house we lived in when I was in high school and college, and kept doing it pretty much for fun after that. Of course, in the Seventies she had to use the classified ads in the Tribune and the Winnetka Talk. In certain parts of the world price comparisons are very important.


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