BATTLE OF THE BANDS: Results of “On Green Dolphin Street”


I really should have kept this one to two contestants. Only two of them got any votes, anyway.

It was a lot closer than I expected, but Sarah Vaughan edged Miles Davis by a final core of 6 to 5. Not much love for Barney Kessel, who one judge said sounded like she was pushing a cart through the grocery store, although another said Barney’s came in second. Nor was there much love for Chick Corea, who admittedly was a bit out there–but then, that’s part of his charm.

I’ve already figured out the next battle, and yes, the song is much shorter, so I’m putting three contestants out there. And this time the original isn’t one of them. Tune in next Wednesday for that battle.

4 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: Results of “On Green Dolphin Street”

  1. I think maybe by the time a lot of us got to the Corea version (if we made it that far) we had made a clear decision on an earlier version. In the long run over repeated listenings I might prefer Corea’s version because I do like longer songs and there is so much more to listen to. But in a contest like this the more traditional take like Sarah did seems to grab me more quickly.

    Tossing It Out


  2. Yay for Sarah! I would have put Miles solidly in second place for my own taste. So I like the way it turned out. Although, I didn’t DISLIKE the other versions. I just like Sarah Vaughan and Miles Davis better.


    1. Miles’ version is the classic, at least from my perspective, and I love Sarah Vaughan’s voice. I liked all four versions; the one I would have picked, I think, is Barney Kessel’s. I played guitar until the stroke took out my right hand, and learned a lot from listening to him and from his instructional videos. His version is classic Barney.


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