Some stuff I have in my Pocket


I’ve been accumulating stuff in my Pocket account all week, and am just now going through everything and seeing what to keep and what to discard. I thouht I’d share a few things with you.

  • I’ve been following the website Apartment Therapy for a couple of weeks now. The site has a lot of visual appeal, and at times I think, “I can see living there.” There are lots of articles like this one, Playful Interiors: 12 Cheery Rooms Full of Ideas to Borrow, that give me all kinds of creative ideas. Not to do, of course (Mary set two rules for me when we bought the house: no paint and no power tools), but to write about. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.
  • Knowing how popular the Harry Potter series is with many of us (including me), here is an article from Lifehack that made some very good points: 15 Important Lessons the Harry Potter Series Has Taught Me. I’ve already documented my difficulties writing blog posts around lists, so if nothing else, this is a good example of such an article.
  • One of thse days, I need to take a refresher class in Geography, because the last one I took was in fourth grade, and most of it has changed since then. Besides, there are a lot of countries that I missed the first time around. Such as Bhutan, a tiny country tucked in between China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar/Burma. The people there are evidently very happy, and Lifehack gives us a list of 8 Things Bhutan People Do Differently That Make Them The Happiest People. The longer I live on this rock spinning in space, the more this type of life appeals to me.
  • Joe Bunting from The Write Practice explains “Why I Quit Writing”. I think we’ve all felt that way ometimes, haven’t we?
  • Cal Newport takes to his blog to explain How We Sent a Man to the Moon Without E-mail and Why it Matters Today. We sent a man to the moon without a lot of stuff we conider essential today, come to think of it. I had a manager that would carefully wordsmith an email to me, and if he didn’t hear back within 15 minutes he’d call and demand to know why I hadn’t. Even when I was onsite with a client. Uh, hello? Kinda busy here…
  • Lifehacker identified The Skills We’ve Lost to Technology (and How to Get Them Back). It’s kind of frightening how dependent on technology we’ve become, isn’t it?
  • Mental Floss had a list of 16 of Truman Capote’s Fiercest Insults. I saw him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when he told Johnny why he was such a good guest: “You never know what the hell I’m going to say next.” Philip Seymour Hoffman deserved his Oscar for his portrayal of Truman in Capote.
  • Finally, Hunter Emkay had a good post on creative plotting techniques that featured a couple of videos, one on storyboarding and the other on cluster plotting. The videos are helpful if you’re getting ready for the annual November orgy, but even if you aren’t, they’re well-done and worth a watch.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Remember, Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days (coloquially known as ROW80) begins tomorow. See you then.

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