#ROW80: Mid-month report

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Click to visit the challenge!

From everyone else’s updates, it sounds like everyone doing NaNo is truckin’ along, and I’m seeing a lot of snow scenes out there. Not snowing here, of course; when it snows in Atlanta we just stay home until it melts. Well, most of us do. We are getting colder-than-normal weather for this time of the year. But no matter.

I’m at Starbucks, where we generally spend our day on Sunday (Mary gets together with some of her knitting buds) and they’re playing Christmas music. I swear, if I hear Lady Gaga doing “O Holy Night,” I’m leaving. I guess that’s the thing now, to start with the Christmas cheer as soon after Hallowe’en as you can stand. The heck with Thanksgiving…

I had a Canadian friend (sadly no longer with us) who used to wonder why those of us south of the border celebrated Thanksgiving so late. They celebrated theirs the middle of October, closer to harvest time, ours is a week from Thursday and is the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season, since stores open at 8 PM on Thanksgiving evening so that the TV stations can get film of people beating the daylights out of each other so they can get one of the 60″ HDTV’s that have been marked down to $99.95 or whatever.

You’re probably all aware by now that I am officially a member of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge Team. And, yeah, I’m very excited about that. I started this blog so I could do challenges like that one and ROW80.

Speaking of ROW80, you’re probably sitting there tapping your foot and wondering if I plan on doing my update anytime this century. I actually heard one of you use Rodney Dangerfield’s line from Caddyshack, “Come on, while we’re young!” Well, the wait is over….

  • Do my “morning pages” on 750words.com every day: Missed yesterday. Damn.
  • Read 30 minutes a day: Done. Didn’t make much headway in Cheney’s Writing Creative Nonfiction, but managed to do the full amount anyway. I’m going to eliminate some of the blogs I’ve been reading, some of which post 30-40 times a day.
  • Practice writing left-handed 15 minutes a day: Done, sort of. It’s coming along.

And that’s the news, so now you know. (A newsreader on WWWE, now WTAM in Cleveland, Ohio used to say that.) Straight ahead.

7 thoughts on “#ROW80: Mid-month report

  1. I still think it’s too early for Christmas music–even if this blast of cold air makes it feel like Christmas (no snow here in Virginia–yet). Once I was in a store and they had Christmas music playing and it wasn’t even Halloween yet. I have to wait until Thanksgiving is over before I’m ready to sing “Jingle Bells.” 🙂 And the Black Friday/Black Thursday madness isn’t my style. I always try to avoid the stores the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    Good luck with your writing goals!


  2. Excellent progress 🙂 We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, but I’ll admit I did get a little confused in October when some of my writing friends mentioned they were having their Thanksgiving. I didn’t realise that Canada celebrates earlier! Have a good one!


  3. People post on blogs 30-40 times/day??? O.o Those blogs must be really short–and isn’t that what Twitter’s for?

    We’ve had a little snow here in southwest OH, but not enough to stick yet. That’s supposed to come tonight. Not looking forward to it.

    Good job on your 750 words and blogging – keep up the good work!


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