#ROW80: Ugh…

Click to visit the challenge!
Click to visit the challenge!

Not a good week. Both Mary and I have been down with colds, I had a thousand and one things to do, and the goals just sort of slid. I honestly didn’t feel like sitting in my office trying to write, though I did manage a blog entry a day. The review:

  • 750 Words every day: I also did this every day this past week. So at least I got a couple of things done.
  • Read 30 minutes a day: I don’t think it was anywhere near 30 minutes a day, but I did manage a few pages out of the creative nonfiction book I’ve been reading (no thanks to Jasmine, who decided on more than a few occasions to sit right in the middle of it) and to keep up with the blogs.
  • Practice writing 15 minutes a day: Did a little on this, and I’m getting better at it. Still not terribly legible, but better than it was. That’s good.

That’s it from this end. Hope everything at your end has been going well, and those of you who were celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday had a good time relaxing with family and friends. This is the last day of NaNoWriMo, and I hope thta those of you who were doing it will have your 50,000 words by midnight. I’ve already seen where some of you finished rather early, fast-drafting your way through it.

Straight ahead…

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  1. Hey, John. Glad you are feeling better, both you and your wife. I was down two weeks in the middle of NaNo, and my hubby was down four, but he’s pulling out OK now. Kudos on getting all that blog writing done. 750words.com helped me through NaNo, and I’m hoping will help me keep focused on writing goals in the coming month of editing AND still maintaining the writing on the main wip. So, overall, fine progress. Don’t look back, but appreciate the return of health — and write on!


  2. You did really great considering you’ve been sick! Better than I could have done even not being sick… I am a proffessional procrastinator 🙂


    1. This wek has been one where I don’t feel like I’m getting the lead out, leading to a lot of hurried posting. Oddly enough, I feel like some of the recent posts are the best I’ve done. Maybe I’m trying too hard…


  3. well dude I think flunk in the word count department. Cheers old dude. passing you some coffee or tea.
    Not bad with your word count, every little word counts. Stay sweet


    1. Thanks. We’re well on the way to recovery. Just dealing with the end garbage…

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    1. ROW80, you mean? Yes, a lot of the readers I have are other participants in the challenge. There are four rounds a year; the next one starts January 5. Give it a try! Click the picture above to read the rules.

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