New glasses and a solution to a problem


We both got new glasses yesterday. Cost a small fortune, because Mary and I are both in progressive lenses, but it was worth it. My new glasses are almost exactly the same as the ones I have currently, except they have a silver frame rather than a black one. My new frames are also the kind you can twist and bend and they snap back into shape. Mary got plastic frames that look really nice on her. I think it was worth it. It’s not a lot of money when you consider I went nine years in these glasses…

Did you know that, as you get older, your distance vision improves while your reading vision gets worse? Both of us needed a stronger reading prescription and a not-quite-as-strong distance prescription.

I had the doctor check me for macular degeneration. Both my grandfather and godmother had it, and I think my father-in-law did as well. The doctor said there was no evidence that I was getting it, and to wear sunglasses when I went out and take vitamins for my eyes. Which I’m already doing. He did say that I have the beginnings of a cataract, but that’s normal.


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Santa’s bringing me a Kindle Fire for Christmas! It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. When it gets here, I can start loading the books I plan to read to it. And there are quite a few. Mary and I have over 3000 books that we’ve accumulated since getting our Kindles a few years ago. Mary has added the bulk of them, most of which are romance titles that I haven’t much interest in. You would think it would be an easy task of going through the list, finding the books I want to have, and loading from there, right?

Well, not really. As I mentioned on Sunday, there’s no real easy way to get a full list of the books by going to Amazon’s website and printing off a list or downloading it to a spreadsheet. After a week of Google searches, I found an answer: Syncing the Kindle desktop app with your account creates an XML file with all the pertinent information. You need to massage it a little bit (validate that it’s a valid XML file at a site like this one until the file is clean, then figure out a way to get it into a spreadsheet), but once that’s done, you have what you need.

In all, it’s been a good couple of days.

How have you been doing?

5 thoughts on “New glasses and a solution to a problem

  1. My eyes have been sore for several weeks, but when I went to have them checked out, there was nothing wrong. I worry about my eyes because of the diabetes, but there was no sign of problems relating to that. I guess it’s because I keep my blood sugar down.

    New glasses ARE expensive. But like you, I had my last ones for YEARS, so it’s not so bad when you think about that. I have the progressive ones now, too. The older you get…

    Hey, how come Santa let you have your present early??? No fair! LOL


  2. The kid and I are visiting our friends in New Jersey. I’m surrounded by hilarity, well-fed, indulging in delicious conversation, quite possibly too much coffee and too little sleep, reading, working on the homeschool reports, and writing writing writing….

    I began this NaNo book here, and it would tickle both Sylvia and I (both 45, and both using reading glasses for a couple of years now), if I could finish it here, too..I’ve got the tag end to place on this scene, and then seven more, and I’m done. We’ll be here until Sunday evening, so maybe…

    I love my Kindle Fire, and, since everyone in the family has one, we have LOTS of books on it (Maybe not as many as you guys, but,,,)

    I’ve added most, and I tend to like an eclectic mix. I also tend to get things I think other family members might enjoy, such as a series of Minecraft novels for the kids, along with Grimm fairy tales, Twain, Poe, Dickens…and lots of things for me to feast upon when I eventually stop wearing out my keyboard weaving my own worlds….

    So, in short, life is good!


    1. I finally got my program to work and have a spreadsheet that has all of the Kindle books we have in our library. I’m going through it, and realizing that I really have some good stuff out there. I mean some classics, a ton of writing books, lots of mysteries and thrillers… there’s a book a friend of mine from college wrote (she’s written a bunch; her name’s Joy Preble, if you want to look her up on Amazon) that I haven’t read yet… and Mary bought a bunch that I think I might like (she reads romance primarily, but also mysteries, humor, and she also has an unhealthy interest in epidemics and disease). So I’ll be busy for a while on the reading front.

      Have fun with the kid (I’m assuming the girl) and your friend. Make sure you have a good time, although I have a feeling I don’t need to tell you that.

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      1. It was actually meant to say ‘kids’, plural, because they are both with me, even if I’m starting to need to look up at the boy, who is swiftly becoming not-a-kid.

        I have typed a LOT of words the last six weeks or so. I keep missing and transposing letters…

        I just found a pack of three writing books I bought just before NaNo started, and forgot in the ensuing creative gluttony…

        I might check out your friend’s books – once I work through some of those already gathered up. One of my 2015 goals is to do that.

        And no, you don’t need to tell us to have fun! Right now, it’s a spontaneous, middle of the night tea party with cookies, chat, and Gregorian chant….


  3. Good to hear that you got a fairly good eye report. I’m glad you figured out a way to get a full list of your books. I own a Nook (although three of my kids have Kindles — that wasn’t good planning on someone’s part), although I haven’t bought anything on it in several months.

    At my house, two college kids just got home, so the number of people in the house has increased from 4 to 6 (for a few weeks, anyway).


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