Two for Tuesday: John Scofield

John “Sco” Scofield was fetured in one of the videos from last week, so I figured he needs a day of his own. I have one of Sco’s albums, That’s What I Say, his 2005 tribute album to Ray Charles, which also features Aaron Neville, John Mayer, Dr. John, Mavis Staples, and Warren Haynes, but he’s appeared on a number of tracks for other musicians in my collection as well. He has a distinctive sound, jazz with rock and R&B mixed in, a true “fusion” player. Rather than go into detail about John’s biography and discography, just follow the links to his website.

The two tracks I picked are representative of his playing, but there’s loads more on YouTube, including some full concert footage and several of his instructional videos. Track 1 is “Trio Blues,” with his trio (Sco, Steve Swallow on bass, and Bill Stewart on drums). This was recorded in November 2010 at Forum Leverkusen in Weisdorf, Germany.

Track 2 is “Hit the Road, Jack,” from the aforementioned Ray Charles tribute album.

John Scofield, your Two for Tuesday, December 16, 2014. Happy Hanukkah!