#ROW80: A Rare Midweek Check-in

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Click to visit the challenge!

You’re probably wondering why I’m posting this. I just did a check-in on Sunday, and I check in once a week. Won’t that throw things off? Of course not. In my case, I’m posting this because that way I can do my end-of-round summary a week from today, and because I didn’t have a topic for today. (Well, I did, but I think I’ll hold that until Friday.)

I’ve been spending a lot of my days lately just hanging out with Mary and not getting to write until late. It’s been fun, because Mary is a lot of fun, and we’ve had a bunch of stuff going on this week. We bought a new dishwasher a couple of weeks ago, and it was delivered and installed yesterday. We had just replaced our old one a few years before, but it had sprung a leak and the electronic panel that controls everything went haywire, so, although it was still washing the dishes adequately, we had no idea what cycle it was on at any given time. We could have had it fixed, but the way we saw it, those electronic panels ain’t cheap and it would cost almost as much as a new dishwasher to replace. The new one is a KitchenAid, it’s nice and quiet, and seems sturdier than the one we got rid of.

Then, today, Pearle Vision called to let me know that they had our new glasses finished and ready to pick up, so we went there, then to lunch, Target, and the grocery store. Then, I upgraded the operating system on the desktop (a Mac Mini). I expected it to be done by the time I got home from our errands, but it was still chugging along and didn’t finish until eight hours later. I’m exhausted.

Anyway, my three-day summary:

  • Do 750 Words every day: Done, even if it at times it was a race to the finish. I tell you, the clock is a great motivator. I didn’t get started on the “morning pages” until 11:30 one night, and I managed to write them all in about twenty minutes. That’s a rate of almost 40 words a minute.
  • Read thirty minutes a day: The new Kindle Fire is great. Today I bought K. M. Weiland’s Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration, and read about half of it (new bifocals). It’s quite good, actually, and I may review it when I finish. This Kindle is a mini-tablet, which allows me to read my RSS feeds on Feedly and my saved articles on Pocket, take notes in Evernote, and play solitaire. Anyway, this made it easier to complete this successfully.
  • Write left-handed fifteen minutes a day: Ehh. Haven’t been near a pen all week.

So, that’s the poop at this end. Hope everyone else is doing well with their goals. I’ll be around to check.

Straight ahead!

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