It’s Saturday again, boys and girls, time for me to do another installment of Stream of Consciousness Saturday, brought to us by Linda Hill, on whose blog you can find the instructions. Grab the graphic below and play along, why don’tcha?


This Week’s Prompt: heel/heal

So today’s prompt is “heel/heal” and all I could think about was Walter Brennan in Meet John Doe going on about the “Heel-lots,” and how Gary Cooper didn’t want to get in with them.

Barbara Stanwyck was in that movie, too. She was also in Ball of Fire with Gary Cooper as a jazz singer that Cooper sees and realizes that the dictionary that he and a bunch of college professors were writing was missing hundreds of words. And, she was in Christmas In Connecticut with Dennis Morgan and Sidney Greenstreet. S. Z. Sakall was also in that movie, and in Ball of Fire. Amazing how those old actors got into everything. Also interesting, she was in the movie Double Indemnity with Fred MacMurray, and by the 1960’s both of them were playing heads of families, he on My Three Sons, she on The Big Valley. Which also featured Lee Majors and a young Linda Evans, who played little more than eye candy on the show. A shame, but that’s the way things were. Barbara Stanwyck was listed as “Miss Barbara Stanwyck” in the opening credits of the show. She was a beautiful woman with tremendous legs, the kind that look good in high heels. See? I brought it all back together.

Gary Cooper played a baseball hopeful in Meet John Doe. He was participating in the whole thing because they promised they would pay to have his arm fixed so he could pitch again. Which reminds me of one of the greatest things I ever saw on a baseball diamond: The Braves were playing the Mets in New York a couple of years ago, and Eric Young Jr. was hitting against Tim Hudson. Young hit a soft grounder to Freddie Freeman, the first baseman, and Hudson runs over to cover first. Hudson makes the call, and Young kept running and stepped on Hudson’s heel and broke it. It was clearly an accident; both of them just got to the base at the same time, and I know Young didn’t mean to step on Hudson’s heel. And Young was really upset, I mean in tears. He was a rookie, Hudson was a veteran, and the kid was just shattered that he had hurt the guy. They had to bring a stretcher onto the field to take Hudson off, and before they did, he called Young over. I could see what he was saying: Don’t worry, kid, things like this happen and they’re nobody’s fault. I’ll be fine, you just get back and play. It was really a testament to the kind of player Hudson and Young both were. They were playing hard, the way the game is meant to be played. Someone gets hurt, and there are no hard feelings. Tim, being the veteran player, told Eric, the rookie, that everything was okay. I remember getting on Twitter and sending Young a tweet, saying essentially the same thing, and hundreds of other Braves fans did the same thing. Here’s the video of the accident.

Back to the movies. I always thought that Kevin Costner was this generation’s Gary Cooper, but Costner had worse taste in roles to take. Kind of a shame; he was really good in Bull Durham and Field Of Dreams. The latter movie always makes me cry. It was about baseball, but it was also about fathers and sons and reconciling with them, and about what seems to be the wrong thing to do ends up being the right thing after all. Not to mention a beautiful speech delivered by James Earl Jones, playing Terence Mann.

And while I’m on the subject of James Earl Jones, the commercials he and Malcolm McDowell did for Sprint a few years ago were among my all-time favorites. Two fine actors doing dramatic readings of text message conversations. I wish Sprint had left them on YouTube, because if you’ve never seen them, you missed a real experience.

Malcolm McDowell was in A Clockwork Orange. I think it was his first movie role, at least his first starring role. It was originally a book by Anthony Burgess. It’s a short book, maybe I should read it sometime. I’m learning to read a lot faster, in the hopes that I can get more reading done and not get distracted as easily. I think, the way I’ve been reading, one word at a time, I get bored with the book and start looking for other ways to entertain myself. But I read an article on Lifehack about reading faster, and I’m doing some of the things it says to do, and I notice a difference already.

Whoa… this has really taken a roundabout route… hope you haven’t turned on your heels and left.

(Videos were added after the text was written, by the way…)

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    1. I don’t go to baseball games anymore; it’s too expensive, and being disabled makes dealing with the ramps and steps an adventure. But absolutely, go if you get the chance. There are few experiences that are more amazing.


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