Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Love and hate

It’s Saturday, and time for another Stream of Consciousness entry. Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G. Hill and brought to you this week by Rice-A-Roni, The San Francisco Treat!

Just being silly there….

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This Week’s Prompt: Opposite emotions, e.g. love-hate

I got an invite today from someone who wanted me to join his network on LinkedIn. Had no idea who the guy was, or even how he got my email address; it was the email address that I had been using to look for work about a year ago, when I was making a stronger case for disability. Evidently I still have a resume or two floating around out there, despite my best efforts to delete them. And, I’m not even on LinkedIn anymore; I’m not going to join so I can network with people I don’t know. Which is all LinkedIn is, anyway.

I think that’s the latest thing for headhunters nowadays: find resumes online and add them to a mailing list you didn’t ask to be added to, then sending what appear to be personalized emails to people en masse, hoping they’ll get a bite or two. I mean, at the bottom of the emails there’s always a link to unsubscribe, so you know it was a mailing list you were added to and have to opt out of. Opt in? What’s that?

Truth is, I’m pretty much retired now. Once I was able to accept that, I was able to look back and see that, yeah, I loved my work. There’s really a rush in getting something to work, whether it’s a single program, a whole system that I’ve installed, or a class where everyone learns something, including me, and I make friends doing it. The work side of working was great. I loved that, doing what I was good at, working with knowledge that I had accumulated in all my years of working. I run across my old IBM yellow cards, the ones that lay out all the Assembler commands for System/370, and I think of the days of digging through core dumps and finding the answer to why, instead of running to completion, the program abended (that’s AB-en-ded) and made the computer barf up all that paper. And when I started working with PC’s and networks, man, that was great. Learning how to make the Apache server and Tomcat Java container to talk to each other, seeing the data in the database that I designed and built displayed all nicely like I wanted it to, that’s just great. The other day, I decided I wanted to simulcast my blog on Blogger, and thought I could do it with IFTTT, and man, I did it. Take a look here if you don’t believe me. There might be a few formatting issues, but yeah, man, it just made me happier than a pig in slop to see it work. My next project? Make a YouTube video of how I did it. Do I know what I’m doing? No… Does that matter? No…. I’ll know when I finish it.

See, I loved that stuff. I still do. I love writing this blog. I love learning about how TV happened back when it was an infant technology. I love writing about music.

You know what I don’t love? Having a job. I mean, the money and benefits are nice, don’t get me wrong. But a job means that I have to please the people who employ me. And you know what? Some of them are real jerks. Voids surrounded by sphincters. And even when you don’t have trouble with your boss, there’s just SO. MUCH. BS you have to deal with. Meetings. Having to stop what you’re doing so you can go and explain to the people you’re doing it for what you’re doing and what you’re going to do when you get out of this damn meeting. All the damn paperwork. Here, spend the next two hours when you have more important things you have to do and fill out these forms and submit them with a urine sample by the end of the day because the insurance company needs them for reasons known only to them.

Oh, and don’t get me started on travel. What a hassle that was. One time I was told to go somewhere on a Friday night because a client was unhappy with what we were telling him to do and wanted someone on-site RIGHT. NOW or we call our lawyers and sue the stuffings out of you. So I go up there, arrive at ten, and the client is waiting for me at the airport and says, you know that thing you were telling us to do? We did it and it works now. Then they gave me vague directions on how to get to my hotel and I drove around for two hours like the Flying Dutchman in the pitch-dark of the Connecticut night….

Really, I think the world would be a better place if everyone worked and no one had a job…

9 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Love and hate

  1. That’s an interesting way of looking at the concept of jobs. I’ve heard that adage about a job being something where you work to make somebody else rich. That’s the way it is in some cases, especially big businesses.

    I’ve had some interesting interchange on some of the LinkedIn discussion forums and actually met some cool bloggers and even got some of them signed up for past A to Z Challenges. I’ve never used LinkedIn to find a job though.

    Back when I was still looking for a job I didn’t get many responses to resumes I sent out and nothing that panned out, but I used to receive lots of emails about jobs, usually insurance and financial investment companies, offering me a job. All I had to do was pay a fee and attend some training sessions and then I’d be all set to go out into the world to sign up customers. Yeah right!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    1. Yep, Banker’s Life, The Travelers, Edward Jones, and a few that I was certain were Ponzi schemes. Bottom feeders, preying on the unemployed. I didn’t need a job that badly…


  2. I miss work a lot. Disability has devoured a part of life I liked. No turning back though. So I put a smile and make myself happy doing other things. It works and that’s what counts.

    The IFTTT is impressive; definitely do a video!
    PS > Rice-a-Roni stir fry is good with shrimp 🙂


    1. I’ll have to remember that. Shrimp and stir-fry?

      Like so many other things, I’ve made peace with being “retired.” Actually, I’m happy about it; I now have time to pursue things I enjoy doing and don’t have to mess with someone telling me to turn in my timesheet.


  3. great that you worked out the IFTTT simulcast blog thingamy… sounds great even to a non techie such as me.

    Yup there are many in this world who have no clue how their lack of thought or insensitivity affects others, like they are the centre of the universe and that’s how it is .. I feel sorta sorry for those …


  4. Ah, that Rice-a-Roni commercial brought back some fond memories. Do they still sell that stuff? If so, I might just have to buy some just for the nostalgia of it.


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