STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS SATURDAY: The A to Z of compliments/complements

First of all, my compliments to everyone who accepted the A to Z Challenge and who completed it with a full complement of daily (except Sunday) posts, starting with a word that started with A on April 1 and ending Thursday with a word starting with Z. Here is a complimentary badge you can add to your blog to let others know that you’re one of the cool kids:

I was amazed at the breadth of subjects people picked as their themes, and everyone’s ability to come up with a post for each day that corresponded to each letter. But I wasn’t surprised. That’s what bloggers do: pick a subject and blog on it. It’s what we do. Right?

No doubt you received a number of compliments on your entries. If you’re someone who only blogs occasionally, I hope this encourages you to consider blogging more frequently. You don’t have to blog every day, like I do, but I hope the Challenge proved to you that people are interested in what you have to say, and that blogging is a lot of fun, and that you do have a voice.

Anyway, to those of you I was able to visit, and to those of you who visited me, I’ve added your blogs to my Feedly, so I’ll be sure to visit you regularly.


This was, of course, my entry for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, hosted as always by Linda Hill. She has all the instructions on how to join over at her blog. Why not consider it?

4 thoughts on “STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS SATURDAY: The A to Z of compliments/complements

  1. Why, what a lovely surprise…here I was thinking I needed to look up the badge, and, instead, you bring it right to me! =)

    I’ll be popping it onto my sidebar post haste, and my compliments to you! =)


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