A Thursday Ten Playlist: Twelve Summer Songs


Another one of those weeks where The Thursday Ten and Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop intersect!

This week’s prompt:

Create a summer playlist and share it.

That’s right up my alley! I’m always crawling around YouTube, pulling songs together for blog entries, and sharing them.

There are literally hundreds of lists online that answer the question, “what are some of the most popular songs for summer?” And, while I looked at a couple, I had two-thirds of this assembled before I even looked at them.

Practically all of these songs were from the 1960’s and 1970’s, and they more or less fell into chronological order. I included one from the 1980’s (Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69”) so I didn’t come off as a complete old fogey (although you know darn well that’s what I am).

So, here’s the playlist. There were so many, and each one led me to another song or two, and by the time I was through, I had about fifty songs. I got it down to twelve, though. The list of songs, including what year they came out and their final chart position in the US, is under the YouTube frame. Enjoy!

# Song Artist Year Chart
1 Summertime (from “Porgy And Bess”) Billy Stewart 1966 #7 (R&B), #10 (Pop)
2 In the Summertime Mungo Jerry 1970 #3
3 Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly and the Family Stone 1969 #2 (Hot 100), #3 (R&B)
4 Summer in the City Lovin’ Spoonful 1966 #1
5 Sunny Afternoon The Kinks 1966 #14
6 See You In September The Happenings 1966 #3
7 We’ll Sing in the Sunshine Gale Garnett 1964 #4 (pop), #1 (AC)
8 A Summer Song Chad and Jeremy 1964 #7
9 Summer Breeze Seals and Crofts 1972 #6 (pop), #4 (AC)
10 Summertime Blues Blue Cheer 1968 #14
11 School’s Out Alice Cooper 1972 #7
12 Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams 1985 #1

And there’s your Thursday Ten (plus two) for June 25, 2015.

15 thoughts on “A Thursday Ten Playlist: Twelve Summer Songs

  1. School’s Out – what a good one! I used to pick my kids up from the elementary school bus and blast this song out the open windows of our minivan. Then I’d drive through town to get them ice cream, playing it on repeat the whole way. It wasn’t embarrassing for them at all.


    1. Alice Cooper is another one of those artists that I didn’t appreciate until much later in life.

      I’ll be sure to listen to your playlist, if I ever figure Spotify out….


  2. My favorite song on this play list is School’s Out by Alice Cooper, although I like the studio version better than the live version. I’m a big Alice Cooper fan. You might find this hard to believe, but I attend church with his first cousin! I was so shocked when I found out, since she kept it quiet for so long because she doesn’t like people to know. I would be telling everyone! LOL. She’s the one who first told me his real name many years ago.

    My second favorite on the list is Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks.

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    1. Vince Furnier (not sure of the spelling). Learned that years ago from “Circus” magazine. 🙂 Alice is quite strait-laced; it’s surprising to realize that so many rockers are…

      The Kinks did a lot of great music. I featured them (and the song, if I remember correctly) on Two for Tuesday. The great thing about that feature is I learn a lot about the bands and the personnel.


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