Small Appliances Drive Me Crazy

Have you ever had one small appliance that seems like it’s possessed? We had a coffeemaker that always seemed to be causing us trouble. Well, me, anyway. I always managed to forget to put water into it, or coffee grounds, and on at least several occasions I managed to run it without putting the pot into it, resulting in coffee all over the counter and the floor. I think we’ve solved our problems with it once and for all.

Standard procedure is that I set the coffee up the night before, and Mary, who gets up before I do, turns it on and, when it’s finished, pours some for both of us and puts the rest into a Thermos. This morning, Mary wakes me up with the news that the coffeemaker is broken. Now, I figure, we didn’t spend a lot of money for it, and the life of a coffemaker is generally directly proportional to the amount paid for it. So, I figure it’s probably time for a new one. She was going to be over near the Target anyway, so we decide to get a new one. No problem, right?

She gets home from running her errands, which included a stop at Starbucks to get a couple of cups of coffee. We have our coffee, and by now it’s close to eleven, so we decide to go to Chili’s for lunch. (Try the lunch double cheeseburger if you go. It’s fantastic.) When we got home, I was anxious to try the new coffeemaker. I set it up, and, as they recommend, run clear water through it the first time. That finishes, and I start a new pot of coffee. Since the fresh grounds were still in the old coffeemaker, I get them out of there and pour them into the basket of the new one.

That’s when I realize that a part was missing. In this case, it was the cover for the coffee basket, which has a plunger that gets pushed down when everything is in place and completes the circuit so that the coffeemaker runs. It was sitting next to it, waiting to be put into place. Which I had forgotten to do.

I tell this to Mary, who asks me what we should do about the old coffeemaker and the new one. I thought about it, and I remembered that Target was a real pain about returns, especially if it isn’t in unopened condition, and I thought about all the times I managed to forget one thing or another and ended up with no coffee or coffee all over the floor.

So the upshot is, the new one is set for tomorrow, and the old one goes to the basement, for when the new one goes on the fritz and needs to be discarded. Maybe when (and if) it’s pressed back into service, it’ll behave itself.

Anyway, with all the coffeepot business and such, I never wrote today’s blog post. Now I have…

3 thoughts on “Small Appliances Drive Me Crazy

  1. Small appliances/ large appliances. It makes no difference. Either way we do our research, read hundreds of comments from satisfied/dissatisfied folks, check with Consumer Reports. We enter the store armed with knowledge, scan the shelves for just the product. And here is where my and my husband’s special gift kicks in…if there is a lemon among the bunch, we are swiftly and irrevocably drawn straight to it! Every single time!


    1. HAHAHAHAHA! I know the feeling. Of course, in this case, it’s user error more than anything, but I swear, the thing must have some negative mojo going, because I’ve never made this many mistakes with a coffeemaker.


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