The Week That Was, Weltanschauung Edition

The Week That Was

It’s a gorgeous day here in the suburbs of Atlanta. Mary and I meet some friends at a Starbucks in the western part of the county (I write, she knits), and we got a very early start today. We stopped at a McDonalds for Egg McMuffins, and Mary asked for one grape jam. We got half a dozen. We’re going to start placing bets on how many we get there. Sometimes it’s none, sometimes they give us more than any human being could consume in a lifetime. But it’s never just one.

I’ve been reading (yes, I do read sometimes) a book of essays by Lori A. O’Connell, Slouching Towards My Weltanschauung. If you like funny essays, you’ll like the book. Mary saw the book in our Kindle library and said “What’s weltanschauung?” It’s German (as if you couldn’t tell) for “world view,” although Ms. O’Connell doesn’t use it in that sense in the book. But then, I’m only about a third of a way through; maybe she uses it as “world view” later. Hers is hilarious, which makes me think I should strive to do the same when I write here, because I have a very strange weltenschauung, at least when I allow myself.

Here at this Starbucks, they play music at levels only found at Metallica concerts. Thank heaven for headphones and white noise.

Anyway, on with the summary.

  • Monday, I dealt with a nasty comment I received on my post about coloring books for adults. I explained tha it was a hobby, and maybe he should get one. Many of you thought so, too, along with a few lessons in his SPaG.
  • The artist on Two for Tuesday was Manfred Mann. Since he’s from Germany, he probably knows what weltanschauung is.
  • I reported the results of my most recent Battle of the Bands on Wednesday. Dee Snider shut out Dave Van Ronk in Battle “Moritat von Mackie Messer.” I shared my personal favorite version, the instrumental by the Dick Hyman Trio, because it reminded me of my Mom. Arlee Bird thought that was the first shutout ever experienced on BotB, but the proprietress of the blog Far Away Series assures me that it wasn’t. We’ll have another BotB this Wednesday.
  • I listed the ten things I’d tell anyone about blogging every day on The Thursday Ten. Nadine Feldman said that she noticed that #7, “The amount of work you put into a post is sometimes inversely proportional to the number of comments you get,” happens to her a lot, while Elen Gray said that #6, “It’s a real boost to creativity” was “so true.” Wanna be more creative? Blog every day.
  • Friday, I shared Jonathan Edwards’s “Shanty,” a song that always heralds the weekend for me. I even reprinted the words so you could sing along.
  • I dedicated Stream of Consciousness Saturday to the memory of Omar Sharif, actor, international playboy, and bridge-playing whiz, who passed away this past Friday. The bridge-playing part came as a surprise to a couple of you; as I told Deborah Drucker, I only knew it because I used to read Charles Goren’s bridge column, and Omar Sharif hared the byline with Mr. Bridge. Understand, I have, at best, a rudimentary idea of how to play bridge, but Grandma Holton and her sister Florence were absolute sharks at it, and when I was growing up everyone’s folks, including mine, played. I tried to learn once, and drove myself even crazier than I already am.

So, that’s what you missed this past week. Hope to see you this week!

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was, Weltanschauung Edition

  1. White Castle is a good source of life time tomato catchup. While keeping an apartment in St. Louis for five years I never bought any. When I was running low it was Whitey night.


    1. We used to get all our napkins from fast-food restaurants. They’d throw a bunch in the bag, and we’d keep the extras and use them as long as we could.

      We considered giving the condiments out at Hallowe’en, but decided we didn’t want to get toilet paper out of the magnolia…


  2. John, why don’t you do some.thing with Frank Sinatra. Battle of the Singers or something. Re grape jelly – what about ketchup!!!


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