Ready! #socs

I see the word “ready,” and it’s as though my brain was ready for it. All kinds of ready have come to me…

  • Rough and Ready, an album by the Jeff Beck Group from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.
  • Ruff and Reddy, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon I can’t remember much about.
  • Reddy Kilowatt, the cartoon character from the early days of electrical power.
  • “Are You Ready?”, a song by the band Pacific Gas & Electric from 1970.
  • “Are You Ready For The Country?”, a song by Neil Young.
  • Ready Georgia, a program by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency that promotes being ready for severe weather (primarily thunderstorms and tornadoes).
  • The word you see when TSO, IBM’s “Time Sharing Option” (a command and entry system, one of the earliest interactive online systems), can accept commands. It’s usually paired with SPF, the “Structured Programming Facility,” later ISPF (the I stands for “interactive”) and PDF (not the type of document Adobe developed; it stood for “Program Development Facility,” and it included ISPF as one of the menu options).
  • One of the things I wasn’t when Windows 10 was released on Wednesday; I hadn’t made an image of my Windows 7 system, because I didn’t have a place to put the image. I’ve ordered a 128GB flash drive that will hold the 84GB backup file, so everything will be ready when Microsoft finally gets around to putting it on my hard drive. They had to release Windows 10 in waves, because I guess they’d have brought down the Internet if they let it loose all at once.
  • And now Mary is ready to go home (we’re at Starbucks), so I’ll need to shut down and pack up very soon.


Of course, it’s Linda Hill’s award-winning Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Follow the link to read the rules and see which bloggers have joined the challenge this week.

14 thoughts on “Ready! #socs

  1. I did not recognize those songs and shows you listed and as for computer stuff, I am never ready for that. I don’t use Windows and am bad with all things computer. Never ready to deal with them, when they aren’t working the way I need them to.


    1. I don’t think anyone is ready for computer trouble. Least of all the people who work with them all the time and get flummoxed by something that happened. I always blame leprechauns…


  2. Wow – that’s quite the list off the top of your head, John. 🙂 As for Windows 10, I have to back up my current OS? Another strike against trying it… 😛


    1. You don’t have to back up your current OS. It’s a good idea to, though. Not backing it up leaves you open to something going haywire and not being able to recover from it, thus losing all your stuff. In my case, it’s no big deal; there’s nothing on that computer that I couldn’t live without, and I can just copy whatever files I might want to have for later to Dropbox.


  3. I see you’re a little bit computer savvy. When it comes to computers, I’ve said to heck with Windows 10. I’m going to build a new system and do a clean install of Linux. I’ve already studied some books on it, so I’ll be ready very soon.

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      1. Right now I’m duel-booting between Windows and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most user-friendly version of Linux, and is based on Debian Linux. But I’ve learned Linux well-enough that I don’t think I need Ubuntu anymore. So when I do my clean install it will be with Debian. That will keep my Linux experience a little more pure.


  4. Reading Ruff and Reddy made me think of Up and Atom: Atom Ant? I’m still in SOC mode. It was fun watching Pacific Gas and Electric just now. Interesting variety of expressions on the faces of the band members.


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