This Is Only The Week That Was

The Week That Was

It’s been an unusually busy week here. Or at least it feels like it’s been. I spent much of it wondering when my copy of Windows 10 would be downloaded to my computer, as Microsoft has promised. I talked about making my preparations for it on Wednesday.

Saturday’s Battle of the Bands is between The Happenings and The Lettermen over who did a better job of Goffin/King’s “Go Away, Little Girl.” The song was a #1 hit for Steve Lawrence in the Sixties and for thirteen-year-old Donny Osmond in the Seventies. You have until Thursday night to vote for which version of the song you like better. Debbie the Dog Lady, whose blog you should be reading, remarked that she thought Donny’s version was “yecch!” I said his version was definitely an EBS Special, and Debbie didn’t know what I was talking about. So, rather than explain it again, I wrote a short essay explaining the term, which you can find here.

Two for Tuesday completed its survey of the British Invasion with two by The Rolling Stones, a band still active. That’s some kind of a record; they’ve been together for fifty years. The Stones started out playing blues and moved on to rock, typical of many bands of the British Invasion. Nadine Feldman (again, whose blog you should be reading) said she had never realized just how blues-oriented their music was, especially their very early stuff. I grew up in Chicago, I told her, and never realized that much good music had come out of the bars on the South Side; it took the British Invasion to introduce it to me.

Several of the blog I read were reprinting their first posts, and I did the same on Monday. In my case, it was a video of The Beatles doing “Paperback Writer.” I guess I read some different blogs, because several people commented mine was the first reprint of the first post they had seen.

I introduced a new feature on Friday, “The Friday Five!” because I had spent most of Thursday figuring out how to get IFTTT to display a video from YouTube as a help to Tammy Rizzo (whose blog you should be reading) and didn’t do a Thursday Ten. She has it working well now, and I was glad to help. The inaugural Friday Five was five guitar players that kept me playing over the years. Of course, just about every guitar player I’ve ever heard has influenced me, so you might consider that the first of several posts on the subject.

I participated in a couple of Linda Hill’s blog hops: One-Liner Wednesday about my trip to the dentist, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where the prompt was “ready.” Those are fun blog hops, if you’re looking for something to do on your blog.

Finally, this morning I reported that Cilla Black, British Invasion singer who got a lot of support from their fellow Liverpudlians, The Beatles, passed away earlier today. She had been in ill health for a year or so. Hers was a beautiful and strong voice, and she will be missed.

Anyway, be sure to come by this week, as I start a new series on Two for Tuesday (it’s a surprise!), and I report on how well or poorly my upgrade to Windows 10 goes.