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This week, one of Mama Kat’s prompts for her Writer’s Workshop was this:

Create a list of some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow.

It just so happens that I came up with ten of them. So it’s a Thursday Ten as well as a Writer’s Workshop entry!

Before I start, this disclaimer: A few months ago, another blogger (not me) ended up being dragged into court and had to pay huge royalties for using a professional photographer’s copyrighted material without permission. Since then, I have lived in mortal fear that the same will happen to me. Now, there’s a way to embed pictures from Instagram into blog posts, and it seems to cover the whole copyright issue. Problem is, it doesn’t seem to work; you get the frame, the description, everything BUT the picture. I’m hoping that it’s just a problem using the Google-supplied Internet connection at Starbucks, but it might not be. I’ll provide links to the Instagram accounts as well, so you’ll be able to see the work of the photographers regardless.

That being said, here are my ten favorite Instagram accounts.

braves I’ve been an Atlanta Braves fan since moving here in 1988.

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Wednesday Night Lights.

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whitesox I’ve been a White Sox fan most of my life. In fact, when I was born, my uncle said I looked like Minnie Minoso.

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A literal #walkoff. #SoxWin!

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fox5atlanta One of the local TV stations. I follow all of them on Twitter.

vintagetribune The Chicago Tribune has opened its files of photographs from the 1800’s forward and shares several pictures each day. Fun to see what life was like then.

instagram Instagram itself curates pictures and shares them daily.

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Traditionally served up in a brass bowl or thick stone pot, Korean cuisine gets an artful, contemporary makeover in the kitchen of Soyeon Kim (@sso_yang). When the interior designer from Seoul, South Korea, started collecting modern tableware crafted by her favorite designers, so grew her own appetite for cooking, styling and photographing food. “I like taking photos because I can enjoy my plates, preparing meals, table settings and food pictures all at the same time,” she says. Soyeon typically fills her tabletop with nourishing noodles or a colorful mix of rice and vegetables, neatly arranged in her favorite plates and bowls. “Korean food takes a lot of care and time to make,” she says, noting that many items, such as kimchi, must be fermented. Lovingly prepared ingredients combined with one of three basic sauces — “gochujang” (red pepper paste), “doenjang” (soybean paste) and “ganjang” (soy sauce) — imbue Korean fare with its deep signature flavor, says Soyeon. “These are the key ingredients. Without them, Korean food just wouldn’t be delicious.” Photo by @sso_yang

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choosechicago I wouldn’t want to move back, but the city of my birth is a beautiful place, and I follow several accounts that share pictures of the Windy City. Here’s one of them.

apartmenttherapy I found this site a while ago, and even though we don’t live in an apartment and it’s doubtful we’ll ever use any of the ideas, it’s fun to see what people have done, especially with small spaces. And occasionally, if I get into a fiction mood, they provide excellent settings.

insta_chicago Another Chicago-centric account.

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Photo by @tedisgraphic

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chicagomag An Instagram account operated by Chicago Magazine.

loyolaquinlan The new building for Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business (my alma mater) opens this fall. They’ve been documenting the construction on their account.

So there you have it, my ten favorite Instagram accounts. That’s your Thursday Ten for August 6, 2015.

8 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Instagram Accounts

  1. Those are some really beautiful accounts you follow! My friend Cynthia runs every morning in Chicago and takes some awesome photos. She’s @NapWarden on Instagram, you should check her out!


  2. I’m always interested in how people who live in tiny spaces do things, so Apartment Therapy would be up my alley.

    Love the photo with the sailboat!


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