#1LinerWeds: Mike Rowe on Student Loans


I wrote about student debt, now over $1.2 trillion dollars, since Monday, when I asked what we should do about it. (If you’d like to weigh in on the subject, leave me a comment over there.) I thought this particular quote from Mike Rowe, from the TV show “Dirty Jobs,” was appropriate to that discussion.

This is an entry into Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday blogfest. She has all the details over at her place.

5 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds: Mike Rowe on Student Loans

  1. I have lots of thoughts on this. The cost of college is out of control even more than health care. My husband and I have scraped and saved and are one semester away from making our last tuition payment for our children. But many kids borrow and borrow. The debt they carry is incredible.
    Susan Says


    1. I saw the other day an estimate that college tuition rises at twice the rate of inflation. I can see it keeping up with inflation, but twice that? Still, it doesn’t keep kids from borrowing. I almost think they need truth-in-lending laws like they demand for real estate and credit card companies. If kids see it spelled out (If you borrow this money and only make the minimum payments, it’ll take you 30 years to repay it, and you will have paid $250,000 in interest), they might pay attention. On the other hand, they’re kids, and still pretty young. The law allows them to sign for the loans, and they need to understand that when they sign a promissory note, that means they’re promising to pay the money back. Hard lesson for them to learn, but maybe a few will get scared and choose something less expensive, or delay starting college until they’ve worked for a couple of years and have a better understanding of what it’s going to involve. Whatever the case, something has to give.


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